There is one person out of father of the years family that I absolutely love to death and really thought I would have the most problems with when things happen between me and father of the year. That is his grandma, she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I have never heard her have a bad thing to say about anyone ever. She is just the sweetest thing. I never would have guessed that on December 28 a few days after my 34 th birthday she would be turning 90. She is over all in pretty good health. She had some problems a few years a go, well about 4/5 I guess around the time I had my last son. She started getting dizzy and falling down. I am not sure what they ever decided was wrong but I know she is no longer aloud to drive.

She loves to go to church and be involved in things at the church. She volunteered at the church most days. They were going to put her on the pay roll because she was there so much. She told them she didn’t want them too she did it because she liked to do it. She went to the jail and seen the inmates there and did bible lessons with them. She wrote some who were in jail and prison. She has been at the church since it started. She seems to know everyone and everyone knows who she is.

I was very surprised that when I decided that I was done and getting a divorce that she was so supportive. I figured when she asked us to come over she was going to try to convince me to stay with him or what and she never did. She still to this day has always been very supportive and always comes right over to give me a hug and see how things are any time I see her at something or out. She tells me all the time to come over and see her and to bring the kids to see her. She just loves my little bitty even considering she isn’t father of the years. She don’t treat her any different. I was a little surprised the last few days being with his family most of them just played and played with her and talked about how smart she was and fun she was. I don’t know how many of them know or don’t know other than his parents. They have always treated us different so they don’t count.

Father of the years family put out a birthday invite for a surprise party they were doing today months ago. Made this big deal about it and make sure to save the date and things. We all did the space thing yesterday and then done her party today. We got there and was there on time well we got there at like 2 or 3 minutes after. I consider it to be on time. They rented a big room from the church up the street from his uncles house to have it. I thought it was odd because she is so big in her church and things that they would have probably let them have a room for free. They let us have one for free to have our wedding reception in when we got married because his grandma did so much there and he had done a lot of work on the church and with them. We hadn’t even asked they called us and told us they would like for us to use one of their halls if we still needed a place. Even if they had to pay for it it wouldn’t have been a lot. But they didn’t do it there they did it at this other place that I don’t know that anyone even goes to church there.

About a hour after we all got there his uncle stood up and said something about now that everyone was there but his son. He wasn’t happy his son wasn’t there yet. All that was there was the family that was there yesterday and a few others who came in today for the party. They live here just other parts of the state. He said what he had to say and we all went on and did whatever. They had some soups and stew and refreshments and done the cake over the next two hours. Then everyone left and went back to his uncles house for a post party and some kind of presentation. I am not sure what that was or all about as we opted out of doing this and came home. We were gone all day yesterday and went to the house because he wanted to see all the family one one one before they left. He figured at the party there would be a lot of people and things he wouldn’t get to see them or talk to them that much. Then today they say they are having this post party thing. We had things we needed to take care of today before he goes back to work so we told them we were going to go and not come to the house. Oh at the party they did some pictures with all the family and then each of the families and things. Other than that they didn’t do anything.

Father of the year after we left he was shocked that none of his grandma’s friends were there. He didn’t know why or what. I told him I don’t think they were invited. I do not believe for one minute that if they invited her friends that not one of them would have showed up or at least dropped by for a few minutes even if they couldn’t stay long. The way his uncle said now that we are all here expect… I know they didn’t. I don’t know why they didn’t invite her friends or what is going on there either. I am not in the loop I have never been in the loop even when we were together and things were good for us. I was never there cup of tea or meet their standards.

But like father of the year said I think she was a little disappointed that her friends weren’t there and was expecting something different than what it turned out to be. I don’t know why if they didn’t invite anyone other than family they needed this place to have it or why they needed to have everyone go back to his uncles house after the party to do this presentation. Why not do it there at the part? I felt kind of bad everyone was going out and leaving together. She was standing there inside still and I told her we were going to go home that with the way his work is and time off that as soon as he got off we met up with them then got up and came to the party we had to take care of some stuff. She said oh I had some things for your family I will have to get with you later to give it to you. But it stuff that needed to get done I have asked and asked him to help me get done and under control and the baby was getting pretty tired and cranky. I didn’t want her to have a fit why everyone was doing what they were and cause problem. She asked how my dad was and things. We talked for a little bit and she understood. She tells me all the time how good I do with the kids and how good they are and I am always making sure they are taken care of and things.  She told me a few weeks ago she wanted to get together and have lunch one day.

I would like to try and take her soon but I have to wait until the first. With father of the year missing so much work the other week and taking extra days off he shouldn’t have. He had no excuse for missing the last two days he missed other than just not going. So mad but that is how he is. Anyway his check was super short this week and then they took the money out because he owes them all that. I am down to maybe enough to last until pay day. If we don’t I don’t know what we will do.

I have to say over all today was a pretty good day. It went a lot better than I expected it to with his family. I was surpised when I went out after talking with his grandma a lot of them were standing around outside the door waiting on his grandma. The kids gave everyone hugs and things. His older brother came over and gave me a hug and said he hope things started getting better the rest of the year. He had come over and sat down with me and was talking to me during the party he ask how my sister was doing and about school with the kids. He asked if I was going to homeschool through high school I told him as long as we lived around here I would be homeschooling them. If we were here for high school then yes. I said we were looking at moving in the next few months but with finding out my dad was sick it was put on hold for now I couldn’t move off with him being sick. He asked about that and things. Then his younger brother came over and gave me a hug and I don’t think he has ever given me a hug in all the years that I have been in the family. Hell I don’t know that he has spoke more than 10 words to me all the the time. He was a selective mute from the time he was in kinder until after he moved out of the house and out of state. I think other than hi let me give you a hug is all he said to me all this weekend.

But I have always liked his brothers I know and understand why his younger brother was the way he was. He has always treated me fine and like anyone else. He knows how his dad is and how his mom is because of his dad. His mom is nice but I know she is the way she is because of his dad and the way he treats her as well. His older brother has always been really nice and everything when he is around. He loves the kids.



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