Maybe this weekend was just what I needed after the last 15 days or so before it. I was able to just be and not think to much about all that has been going on for a day or two. When we went to the Space Center I just rode the bus around and helped the kids and talked to them. Enjoyed being with them. When we got to the last place they dropped us I did all of a sudden have a feeling I should call my dad. I walked outside why they watched the couple movies and called he said he was laying down and not feeling to good. He was having a ruff day. But he sounded pretty good even though. I talked to him a little bit and let him go rest. Then he called me Sunday before we left and I talked to him a while and he was feeling better. So I was ok with everything.

But sitting there at the party I heard father of the years brother and some others talking about school and things. They are always talking about school or work it seems. Most of them have went to school have good jobs or they are in school. I don’t know what made me think about it when I did because they had been talking about school the night before two at his uncles house. But all of a sudden it was like someone just twisted the light bulb and I looked at father of the year and said I need to see about getting into classes since I can’t move like I was planing on trying to do. ahha1Yes laugh I probably looked just like that because I felt like that is how I looked when the thought hit me. It was like why hadn’t I thought to go ahead and check into classes before now since I found all this out about my dad. What am I waiting on since moving is what I was waiting to do before I started. I didn’t want to start one semester here or a semester and a half and then move and have to change everything out of state.

But honestly with the news, Daddy’s Bad Day right after finding out and then my little guy breaking his arm (What The Weekend Held) Most people probably wouldn’t be thinking hey classes are starting in a few days I better try to sign up. Still didn’t keep me from feeling a little stupid for not thinking of it and a little excited to know I am finally going to do it. Still feel a little slow but probably from being so sleep deprived most the time.



So there is my ah ha moment for the day.



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