I think tonight is the first time in weeks I have just sat down and really relaxed. Father of the year took my oldest and dropped her off at my mom’s earlier why me and the other kids went up to see my dad. We stayed about an hour and half two hours. More than that they get to cranky. They sit there and watch tv they don’t really talk to him about anything. I try to talk to him some tell him what is going on and things. He is really hard to hear so I have to ask him a to say what he says a few times. I hate it but I am trying to hear him and understand him.

He thinks I need to go ahead and junk my truck and try to find something at the car lot. Use what I get from my truck for a down payment. They told me they would give me $400 I am going to push for $600 and figure I may get $500. Plus I have tires that are only about 6 months old on it that I want to get off of it so that I can put them on whatever I get or sell. Because what they want to give me for the truck is less than what I paid for the tires on it. Then they are going to take them off sell them make back half or more what they gave me just on them. I don’t think so. I can sell it to them for $400 with old tires on it turn around and sell the tires for another $200 and have more to put toward something else or keep them to put on what I get. I am trying to best I can to get a excursion and if it has 17’s on it they will fit. If I can not find a excursion then I will end up with the same kind of truck I have now and I know they will fit it as long as the rims are the same size. Another reason if I wait to get rid of it then if what I get has 16’s I can take tire and wheel off trade them both.

Well just got off the phone with a friend and he said that steal prices just went way down so I should probably sit on it for a while. I told him they said $400 and he said if they can do that then I am doing good and should jump on it if I really want to scrap it right now. He says I should wait and scrap it when I planed to and I could probably get more for then because prices will probably go back up. So I will probably just sit on it for now. Unless I found something at a dealership that they would take what I get down and let me pay it off at tax time I don’t want to get nothing for it.


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