I have decided I don’t really care at this point and time what my friend may or may not want. Does it really matter we are both adults so what ever we do don’t really matter. We both know what we are doing and no one is forcing anyone to do anything so I’m not really going to think about it or worry about it.

I tried to stop by his place the other night I went out for a little bit. I had to pick up the kids meds and was going to run to the store. He had given me his address and told me to stop by if I wanted to. But I couldn’t find his place. I went up and down the street 3 times. I seen the numbers before his and after but not his. It was hard for me to see the addresses in the dark. By the way the addresses were going I tried to figure out what one was his but couldn’t. The one or two I thought might be his had a bunch of cars parked around it. The others didn’t look like anyone was home or up and I knew he was up and there. He told me he be home the night. I started to stop at this one now I am glad I didn’t because it was wrong place.

I might go by tomorrow evening depending on how tomorrow turns out.


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