I went to see my dad yesterday he seemed happy to see me I hadn’t been there in two day. Me and the kids got him up in the wheelchair and took him outside and for a walk. He seemed happy to just be out of his room. He is use to being outside all day everyday. I know now that he can’t get up and move around without the wheelchair he isn’t getting out much. The kids sat there in his room and watched tv with him and talk to him.

He asked me again about the day and date. I told him I told him he knew he could come stay with me if he wanted to and he could come then or today it didn’t matter. Father of the year was off and we could move him and his things. He looked at me so upset and said I messed up. I said what do you mean you haven’t messed anything up? He said I messed up I’m to weak I can’t move. I told him he wasn’t he could move any time he wanted to. That if he wanted to just say it and I would make it happen whatever I had to do and nothing no one could do about it. He said he couldn’t he couldn’t make the trip. It isn’t that far about 15 miles or so. I don’t know if someone said something to him if hospice told him he couldn’t or what. I am going to talk to him and see what he says about it. If hospice told him he can’t I got news for them if he wants to come here then he will rather they like it or not. If they refuse to help because he moves then they can just go on and I will take care of it. He isn’t going to stay somewhere he don’t want to be just because of what someone tells him. If he feels up to it then he is fine. If they don’t want to transport him I will put him in his van and bring him. He is feeling good enough to sit in his chair go for a walk he good enough to go on a car ride.

We got back from his walk he sat outside for a little bit and I took him his meds and a drink. Then he said he wanted to go back in and lay down. I took him in and got him set up in bed. He just lay there and look around and things then close his eyes. Then he look around. The kids weren’t doing anything just talking and moving around. But when they would he look to see what was going on. I asked him if they were bothering him he said not. I asked if he wanted us to go out so he could rest he say no. We stayed a little longer he seem like he wanted to rest but just could’t get to sleep. I asked him if the kids were starting to bother him. He look like he didn’t want to say it but he said yes. I told him that was ok I was going to take them home let them get out move around and let him get some rest that we would come back today and see him. I asked him if he wanted me to come back by myself or if he wanted me to bring them back with me today and he said he wanted me to bring them back today and see him.

Waiting on everyone to get ready so we can go they are all in rear form so I am having second thoughts about taking them. I was going to go by myself but father of the year thinks they should go he wanted me to bring them. I could take them back in a few days to see him. I’m about over him and them already today just the fight to get ready. I will probably be leaving them here in just a few minutes.


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