Father of the year was off today and yesterday so last night I decided to get out of the house and just take a drive. I ended up stopping at my friends house that I have been talking to again the last few weeks. Boy was that a big mistake and rather costly.

He’s really just the wrong person no matter what the time. He has really changed a lot the last year or so since he lost custody of his daughter. He just seems to be content with the life he is living and really going no where and making some bad decisions. They aren’t going to help things in his case. I know he loves her to death and she is his everything. But I really don’t know where she would be better off at this point. If he was doing better and making better decisions I would say over all she would probably be better with him. Right now I don’t think either place is really a great place for her. I just pray that she is ok and being taken care of.

I didn’t end up staying long at all maybe a hour or so. I just told him I had to go I had stuff to do. He wanted me to stay and kept trying to get me to but I couldn’t. I was so stressed from everything going on and dealing with him just added a ton more stress to it. I don’t think I’m even going to respond to him any more if he tries to get a hold of me. It isn’t worth the risk or the stress. If he was trying to help himself and not doing the stupid crap he is doing then I would be there to help if and how I could. But I don’t need it for someone who isn’t trying to help their self and doing the things he is doing.

We go way back as friends and have some history. Confessions, since we been talking I been trying to decide what the intentions where here and how I felt I wrote about it a few times the last couple weeks in How do You decide, Re:How Do You Decide, I have decided 


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