{February 4, 2015}   Headed to The Social Security office

Edited to move it from a page to a post, and to say you can ad this to the On A Roll post. I wrote and posted this before I ever left for the ss office. When I went to put tags an a categories they weren’t there. I thought it was odd but figured wordpressed changed something again I hadn’t noticed. I didn’t have time to check into it at the time. Nope nothing changed I just posted it under pages instead of post. So here you go now in it’s right spot.


I got a letter in the mail a week or so ago saying that I needed to come in to the SS office by the 15th. It was already the 20 something. I called to see if I could get it taken care of over the phone she said I had to go in. I asked for a appointment and she said they don’t give them for that just go in. I told her look I can’t spend hours there waiting to be seen I have 4 kids that I have no help with and have to bring with me plus at the time I was going and helping take care of my dad. She told me to hold on yet again and then came back said they have one at……………………………………….. yep you guessed it I got hung up on. I figured since she had my number and everything she would call me back. I just held on for a hour at one number then another hour at that number and had to wait for them to call me back. They got my number they just used it and called me 5 minutes ago. Nope she didn’t call me back. I didn’t make it down there because things got worse with my dad and all. Before I knew it was the first they put the money on my card. So I was going to go when father of the year was off this past Monday. Over the weekend I got a letter in the mail saying that I had an appointment for today. I started to still go Monday so that I didn’t have to take the kids with me but then figured that I would just end up waiting all day to be seen. I needed to go see my dad so I went up there instead. I figure if I got today when they tell me then hopefully we will get in and out pretty quick. The fact I have the kids with me they will want to get me out as fast as possible. I hope they don’t take all day I have to be back here for therapy by 1:45 for the boys. Then after they leave at  4 we are going up to see my dad a few minutes. I was going to go tomorrow but my little guy asked a few times yesterday if we could go see grandpa and when we could go see him again. I figure that if he is asking we need to go. Kids know things sometimes. I feel bad to wait until tomorrow just because we have the day free and something happen. I know he isn’t going to want us to stay very long anyway probably an hour or so if that. Last time we were only there for about half hour 45 minutes. It being later in the day I know he is going to be pretty wore out probably. We go back tomorrow earlier in the day and then Friday. My little guy hopefully gets his pins out and cast off at 2:15. He is already talking about going to show grandpa when we get back. It is a drive there and back so we won’t get to stay long then either before he is tired. But we will get to spend time with him. He will get to see my little guy is ok. I know he was worried about him. I guess I better get off here and get everyone dressed and get to the ss office. I should be leaving in just a few minutes. I just have no motivation to do anything or energy if I want too.

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