Why I get to hate you.

All this but the part where he see’s because that was only one time ever that she will never remeber. But I love her more than words.

A girl and her thought

It’s hard growing up without a father but it’s easier when you have a fantastic mother playing both roles. –unknown

Some days I love my life and others I don’t. I have the hardest job one can imagine. I am a single mother. I try my hardest not to let that define who I am, but let’s face it being a mom consumes your life. Being mommy is the most rewarding title I’ll ever have and raising my daughter is the most adventurous thing I will ever do.

I have a three-year old daughter. She has the most life I’ve ever seen from anyone. Her heart is pure, her mind is fresh, her life is blissful. My baby has no idea what it is to hate and what it is to love but I do.

Some days I hate you more than others and some days I think of you…

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A Good Deal

In my other post Wasted I told you about the new bed I got the boy and the one I wanted to get. Well I didn't get my new bed. I ended up letting my mom borrow some money and I still have about half of what I got. But I just feel I need to … Continue reading A Good Deal

Let God Decide

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