{March 21, 2015}   My New Tattoo

I finally got to the place to get my tattoo for my dad. I got a quarter because growing up me and my dad collected coins and money. I stopped long ago he kept collecting and left me the collection. Also growing up and up until right before I got married he always had quarters on his keyring one with each of mine and my brothers birth year on it. He got in a accident and I wasn’t able to get his keys out of the truck. Why I picked a quarter, its supposed to be like a bicentennial the 1954 is his birth year and then this year. I have to go back I just noticed he didn’t put a mint on it. I am going to have them add a G right behind the hair for Georgia where he was born. R.I.P. Daddy


[…] you all know I got the tattoo I wanted in memory of my dad in March, you can see it here My New Tattoo. I hadn’t shown it to my mom but I hadn’t hidden it from her either. It’s on the […]

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