{March 26, 2015}   A New Mommy

So the other night we were in the living room and my little guy was supposed to be eating and he wanted me to feed him. I told him no he needed to feed his self. He is 4 well beyond the point of needing to be fed, but just something else father of the year has started. He got all mad and told me he wanted another mommy and he didn’t like me any more.

I was standing by the front door I opened it and told him to get out. He started to walk over to the door he looked at me. It is about 10 pm so it is dark and no one really around. I said you said you want a new mommy then you need to get out there and find her there is no reason for you to be here taking up space and me having to work around you. I can use the time I would be doing things for you to do things for the other kids. The sooner you start looking the sooner you will find one hopefully. He walked over looked around outside. I said what are you thinking about just go.

He looked at me and started to cry, I don’t want to go I don’t want a new mommmy you are my mommy. I’m sorry I love you.

I bet he won’t tell me he wants a new mommy no more. My friend was like what did you do when he said that I been all upset. I said same thing I did when my oldest told me she was moving. I told her pack your stuff I will buy you the bus ticket and put you on your way. She couldn’t believe it.

But getting upset is what they want you to do. They want you to feel bad and they want you to want them to be happy so they figure you will let them have their way or do what they want if they say that kind of thing. Not this momma I don’t play the do stuff to get my way or make mom feel bad so she gives me my way game. They want to play hard ball I can play too. They don’t know what to do when you call their bluff.

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