{March 30, 2015}   A Good Deal

In my other post Wasted I told you about the new bed I got the boy and the one I wanted to get. Well I didn’t get my new bed. I ended up letting my mom borrow some money and I still have about half of what I got. But I just feel I need to hold on to it just incase.

The boys bed finaly came Tuesday we took old down put up the new. I listed the old oncraigslist and swap page. Few people asked about but noone came over. One person said they be here after work Friday never seen them. Well a lady ask me about it last Sunday she wanted me to deliver. I told her I would for an extra $25. But I couldnt til today or tomorrow if I still had it by then. On way home from church she text me see if I had it still and if I would still bring it. I let her know I had it and would deliver she could come look at it I be home. Then she said she wants me to just bring it she cant come. Said her car was over heating. I wasnt sure because I didn’t want to load it drive all way down her see it not want it be out my gas money all.

Finally I ask her she had the money for sure, full price of bed and delivery fee she said yes. I had put OBO in ad but figuring whoever wanted it would come look at it help load it. Not i was going to have to help load and risk making wasted trip. I told her I could not help unload she had to have someone. She said ok.

I had father of year load it he saying I don’t know it might be scam or just trying get you there do something. Like I told him I wasn’t going in and that before I open my truck to be unloaded they were giving me the money for it. Then I open truck for it be unloaded. That what I did. I text her I was there got out talk to her ask her for the money. Then I open it let her get it out. She had her boyfriend husband or whatever there. He didnt look happy about it. He kept saying something about how big it was. He said to me its big? I told him yes the size was one big reason I got rid of it. She kept telling him it was fine I had pictures on the ad and said it was a loft with roll out bed not a bunk. abafter they got it unloaded up stairs she was asking about it I explain how it went together all it rolled out.

She started to look like she wasn’t sure about it either. she didn’t say anything. I told father of the year it’s not my problem she was worried she should have come looked at it asked about how big it was all that. If you buy sight unseen then you get what is brought. I would never buy something that cost that much site unseen. To each their own.

I am happy with it all I bought the bed two years ago for $75. Just sold it for $150. I made double my money back. That put half of what I spent on the kids new bed back in my pocket. I was looking at buying a used one for $130. But then I had to buy the bunky board for it and some kid wrote on it with sharpy. I would have had to sand it down and restain it. That been another $50 or more pluse my time ontop of i think they said $60 for the bunky board. So the new ended up costing less than the used in the end.

I have a sold wood chest of draw here it needs sanded. I told father of the year it is bigger nicer than what I see them selling for $100. I’m going to sand it down list it for $150. If I get that and take the money from the bed I sold i can get them two chest that match their bed. i have the set for around $550. The bed new is normaly $600 or more. They wanted $400 for the dresser and chest where I got the bed. If i use the money from the bed and if the dresser sells it put me paying maybe $250 out of pocket for all of it. Can’t go wrong or beat it at that price for sure. Its all wood so it will last. I told them they need get no less than 5 years out of it. Then maybe I will think about selling getting different.

I am posting this from my phone as I lay here waiting for little bitty to go to sleep. Will have to correct things when I get on my laptop.

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