We have this house flipped upside down rearranging rooms and things. I ordered 8 new bookcases for the back room to have room to put the cases and cases of books that are in boxes taking up room and to put our school stuff on. 6 of them came Thursday or Friday. I asked father of the year to please put them together when they came he said he would. So far two have been put together. He has been working ok but then he sits here too when he isn’t a lot of times. They got new at work the other day the boss is retiring and this other guy no one really likes is taking over. One of the tow drivers said he didn’t know if he was going to stay and he probably wasn’t. We all thinking he has been checking on another job and know where. Father of the year has said all weekend he is going to work on my moms truck today and get the cases put together and get this house done once and for all today and tomorrow. I seen the other day the store up the street from us was doing on the spot interviews today. I really need a job and that is the problem any more is getting in to even talk to someone. I have never not gotten a job that I was able to get into talk to someone.

He was supposed to go to my mom’s to work on her truck the kids were going to go over there and hang out with her she told them they could for a bit today. I was going to go to the interview. I told him the other day they were doing them and I said something last night about it and that I was going to go. It is a little store that is 24 hours. I don’t want to work over night it isn’t a great area but they have the same group of people at night there all the time and different people always in the day. I figured it was for days I would work it. They were hiring for two stores a few different people I have lots of experience I would get something. Even if I had to do nights for a short time get up to days. I remind him of this last night right before I want to bed. All I have heard all weekend is that he just knows x is leaving and he won’t be in today he bets and all this. That he don’t care he has so much to get done and we have things we need to do no matter what he isn’t working today the other guy is going to have to or they are going to have to work it out he works all the time blah blah. I heard him leave this morning and he knew to walk me up if I wasn’t when he got home so I could take my oldest to get her blood test since she had to fast for it. Then I was going to get ready and drop them off if we couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the van and go to this interview. I woke up at 10 something. I look at my phone he text me at 8:30 he had to work today. Not even the balls to call and tell me or come tell me and waits a hour and half after he had to be there to tell me. I call he is a few houses up picking up a car says he is going to tell them I have to go to this he is going to have to take off a little bit. Surprise surprise he never did. Then he turned his phone off shortly after so I couldn’t call him after he answer I start talking and then he hang up on me. How many times before have I said he tells me go find something I will be there to watch the kids so you can work or go to interviews. Like the last time and when I needed to go to the doctor he wouldn’t show up so I could. I called his job got the dispatcher lady. I said hi can you have father of the year call home his phone seems to have gotten turned off he don’t know it or something. It’s really important that I talk to him. Amazing in just a minute his phone was working again. His age old excuse it died. Funny we have the same phone and it last all day any other time. He was able to call me when she told him I called. I said something about him not coming to watch the kids and now they were over he said I didn’t see you getting someone to watch them either. Why would I find someone to watch them when he was supposed to be here and doing all this today? Then he started about he don’t live here he don’t have to worry about it. I said well you don’t live here your days off your supposed to have the kids so why don’t you and why haven’t you made arrangements for them since it is your day to have them? Then he through it back on me it wasn’t his place he didn’t need to worry about it because they are mine too. True they are but I shouldn’t miss job interviews or even work if i get one because he tells them he will work on his day off. It isn’t my place to make arrangements for them when it is his day off and he decides to work the last minute either. Where we live he dose not have to work his day off if they do not ask him 24 hours ahead of time to do it. So he don’t have to do it like he says. It isn’t like he is working a normal 9/5 or 8 hour a day job he is on 24/7  6 days a week from 7 am when he goes in the first day until 7 am the 7 th day when he goes parks the truck and turns his paper work in. So he don’t even get a full two days off really either. 90% of the time he is gone and on calls. If not it is up in the middle of the night he is crying he is tired and dose nothing. I understand he is but then he needs to take his days off and do the stuff he needs to do says he is going to do and see his kids like he is supposed too. I

told him I am not only asking for child support I am asking for alimony as well because he has kept me from getting a job the last two years. Even when I had to go to the doctor he wouldn’t come home when he could I had to put my little one in daycare so I could go and then half the time he wouldn’t pay that until it was weeks behind they were threatening not to take him. He never did pay them the last week that he was there I pulled him because he wouldn’t and skipped my last couple doctors appointments I needed to go to. When I tell the judge sir he went to work at 4 am could be off by 2pm have 8 hours in and if he wanted worked till 4 pm have over time still be home in time to be with the kids so I could go to work or doctor but would jump on a truck and take off across the state until 10 pm sometimes even taking my truck telling me he be home between 2-4 and leave me stuck with no way to get any where or to even get my kids home from school at times. Make me miss doctors and everything else. How he told me to put him in daycare he would pay for it then not pay it I had to pull him out. But then tell me to put them in daycare so I could get back to work and he would pay it. How was I supposed to believe that? He has a track of already not paying or coming home so I could work. I don’t think he is going to look to kindly on that. I am going to tell him if I can’t get it permanently I want it for at least the next 3 to 5 years so I can go to school and get on my feet. He got mad I know you will and you will probably get it we been married over 10 years now. Like that is my fault as well. I tried to divorce his ass at the 6/7 year mark he stopped it fought it and didn’t offer to get it back in court. Guess he is starting to see where living on father of the year time gets him.

He went on to tell me what a bitch I am, that I am psycho and that’s why everything happen yesterday with my sister. He wasn’t even there and he even knows what we talked about what she said he was there when we were talking about buying the stuff and what to get he was going to try and stop at the store and get it. All kinds of other stuff. Then back to calling me whatever names he could think of. I asked him what about this or that and this time then his reply knowing it is true is I don’t have to answer to you. Yeah because you can’t because you know your in the wrong.

At some point he decided to pop off about my little bitty’s dad RC and that is why he don’t want me and want to be with me. I am so tired of hearing it from him about all this shit he knows nothing about and running his mouth about stuff that has nothing to do with him. Then he hung up on my again. I had it. So I text him.

I told him since he wanted to keep bring RC up and talking about things he had no clue about and in no way shape or form had any room to be talking about anyway that I thought he may as well have some facts so he could get his story straight and not have to make shit up and lie when he tells it but that I knew he wouldn’t do that any way because it just make him see himself in the light that he is really in even more and that he wouldn’t like it. So there was no way he was going to ever tell anyone the truth. But that I was going to tell him anyway so that from now on he would think of the truth every time he wanted to bring it up and through it in my face. That would get to him more than he could get to me with it.

I told him that yeah we were not together that long and he did what he did. But that the time we were together that RC treated me 10x better than he ever had in all the years that I have known him and we been married. That he treated me and the kids like he cared and like we mattered and what we needed and wanted mattered. That like most men that we came before anyone or anything including work. That if he said he was going to do something or that we had plans to take care of things he didn’t decide at the last minute to go to work and back out or get to us when or if he felt like . I said no he isn’t here he did what he did but at the same time at least he isn’t here saying he is going to do this or that and not showing up when everyone is waiting or his kids are waiting. Then trying to push it off on someone else and blaming them. He isn’t here making everyone’s life miserable. Leaving his kids sitting and waiting for when he deicide to do something with them. He is either all in or all out I rather have someone be all in or all out not just playing daddy or house. I truly think if I had figured out what was going on before things went as far as they did that we could still be together and worked things out. If I hadn’t said some of the things I did there in the end things would have been better even now between us even if we weren’t together. We both said and done some things that we shouldn’t have and it is on both of us the way things are.

I never got a response from father of the year after sending the text and his attitude was completely different since then. I was really shocked it was for the better. I figured it was really going to piss him off and it was going to be a really bad night. But it hasn’t been so far. But I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true. RC is the complete opposite than he is when it comes to really being there and his family and things when he isn’t messed up in the stuff he is and doing right. A lot more people have seen and know how father of the year is now and they know how RC was and can tell him the same things. He has left work to come home to take care of things that happen or what and then went back. Guess what he worked for the same place father of the year works now. He never got in trouble they never got mad. He didn’t lose his job but because he is upfront with them honest with them and he gave respect and expected it in return. Father of the year they see they can say or do anything and tell him anything and make him do anything he will just do it if they say it. RC wasn’t that way. He didn’t mind working a extra day for someone or helping extra hours. But if there was stuff like today that needed to be done or taken care of he tell them I have to do this first if I can I will come in later or I can’t today but if I get it all taken care of I will come in tomorrow if that will help. They understood. They just see father of the year is a push over they can get him to do anything.

Oh and he said I don’t know what kind of world you and X meaning my  A Good Friend live in or RC and everyone where you think you can just go around and make the rules and tell people how everything is going to be. I said we don’t again it is called respect. Going to work on time not missing work when you don’t have to, not liying and missing work or taking off, going in on time not late 5 out of 6 days 52 weeks of the year. It’s hussling when you get there and doing your job right and not taking all day to do it and being over all a good employee. Then people don’t take advantage of you. If they do you can speak up and say something. You have other job options if they do because word gets out your a good worker so then they don’t want you to leave and go somewhere else so they treat you better. He said I took that time off because of your dad. He took off a week when he only needed a day. I told him over and over to go back to work they were going to be mad we were going to need the money. He was going to need time off when he passed and things they would be mad because h miss so much. Sure enough he couldn’t even get off to be there with or for the kids when it happen or nothing because of it.


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