{April 10, 2015}   Have My House Back

Father of the year is finally out of the house. He left last night and it has been so much more relaxed and pleasant. Me and the kids went to the doctors for my little guy, stopped picked up a table for my little bitty and went to see my grandma. On the way home we stopped and got my little guys hair cut and went to the store grabbed some things until we go shopping tomorrow. While we we were getting hair cut he stopped by for a second. He has called a few times and text a couple. Wanting to “check” on the kids. Then wants to chat. I just say got to go or don’t answer at all.

We got home the kids did dishes, took out the trash, walked the dogs and made drinks while I made dinner. He called to check in on the kids I answered. He wanted to know what we were doing. I told him what all they were doing he was like really? I said yeah we are getting ready to have dinner. He just kept saying stuff about the kids what they were doing and saying oh that’s good and things. Then he said wow I’m impressed. I didn’t say anything. I wanted to say yeah things are a lot different when your gone and everyone isn’t stressed. I didn’t. Because most the time it is a fight to get them to do anything around here and he is always bitching because they don’t do things or yelling at them for how they do them if they do.

But when it is just me and them they do help more and it isn’t a fight to get them to help most the time. I’m not as stressed and in a better mood they aren’t as stressed because of all the tension in the house.

My little guy keeps saying I’m going to miss daddy, like he is never going to see him again. I keep telling him he is going to see him on his days off and things just like now. Only thing is he just won’t be in and out here all the time or crashing in here at night laying around in the way doing nothing or having fits and going on and on about whatever anyone is doing and talking to his self about stuff all the time.

I woke up this morning about 9 I thought it was odd I had slept later than normal and not gotten up earlier. Most the time I wake up earlier but then don’t get up and go back to sleep. I thought how odd it was the school kids and traffic hadn’t woke me up earlier. I realised it wasn’t them that wake me. I am normally woken up at 5 am by his clock that he never gets up to and then them calling him on his work radio to find out why he isn’t at work past time for him to be there. Then since I have already been woken up two or three times in the last couple hours I am not a sleep that good so I then hear the kids and all that is going on outside why they are on their way to school. Hears to sleeping better.

I just have to get on the ball with everything and find some kind of job so that I can keep everything up and start getting ahead. I still would really like to start a business I just don’t know what kind or where to start. I would love to start a resale store or thrift store. Seems like the easiest to start out with. With a resale I wouldn’t have to worry about getting stuff I put it in and give the people so much of what it sold for rather than having to buy it first. With a thrift store I would have to have some stuff up front and need to buy some stuff as I went a long but would get a lot of donations as well. It’s just having money and credit to rent a space and things.

I have been researching things to do from home again as well. I just don’t know. I really need to figure out something. I filled out a app today to be a parts driver. Everyone keeps saying go to a store of something and cashier. I wouldn’t mind doing that but at the same time I really rather not. Its all hours of the day and night holiday and weekends. At least parts driver they will be closed a lot of holidays and they stop around the time most shops close between 4-6. If you work weekends it be probably half a day Saturday and not on Sunday since most shops are closed Sundays. I am going to call the guy and see if I can set up a time to go talk to him. Then I have my sons appointments that I have to go to as well twice a week. I forgot all about that. I can’t worry about it father of the year is going to have to help get him there part of the time.

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