It has been such a nice few days with father of the year gone. Me and the kids have been getting out and doing things, we been doing things together more at home. I have been wanting to be out of my room and to sit in the living room with them play their game on the computer they like to play.

Yesterday we went shopping for a while. We got them all new swim suits and towels. The older kids needed new suits for camp. I got to try on clothes and get a outfit. The two little ones sat in the cart and where so good. My little guy slept a lot of the time we were there. My little bitty laid down with him and played.

After we left the store we had to go to my sisters for a birthday party. It was my nieces birthday. I really didn’t want to go but I did because it was for her and no one else was going but a friend of ours and her kids. I didn’t want her to feel bad that no one showed up. Most the time my sister and other niece comes. Not sure why they didn’t.

Once we finally got done with the party me and the kids went to the fair just the 5 of us. Father of the year kept calling and saying he wanted to come over there but he had calls and things. Then he called and said he finished his call. Then they called and gave him a call out of town. It was going about hour and half two hours away.

We walked around checked things out decided what rides they wanted to do and how many tickets we needed. We were trying to decide if it was better to buy wrist bands or tickets. I got enough tickets to be able to take little bitty on one of the rides the kids wanted to go on. I figured she would have fun but she had to have a adult to go on with her she was to small to go with them by herself. Then she went on a few with just my little guy. She seem to have fun but not understand what was going on really of course.

I let the kids play a few games the church itself had set up. Then I let them do the game to try and win a goldfish. They didn’t have as many games and things set up as they normally have I was rather surprised really. It was kind of odd how little games they did have. After they were done with rides and games I decided to go over and try the plant wheel just for kicks. I let the kids pick a few numbers and my oldest had her own change she started playing with she let them pick a few. She won a plant, my little guy was upset and the lady running the game gave him a quarter to play with he still didn’t win. I had some left I told all the kids to pick a number and gave them a quarter none of us won. We were the only ones playing at this point. The lady said let them ride again and spoon again. My little guys number came up. He was so happy and excited.

He went around behind the booth and picked his plant. My little bitty was running around there in the open area around us I turned to get her so I didn’t see what he picked or anything. I turned around he came walking back up with his plant so proud. I said oh you won me plant. He looked at me said no I won me a plant its mine. The people at the plant wheel laughed and laughed. I was just playing with him and normally he will share and say ok here you go or it can be both of ours or yes and give it to me. He waited to long for that wheel to hit is number and he didn’t win his fish he tried so hard with them 10 balls to get he wasn’t giving that plant to no one or sharing it either.

we ended up going back into the rides why standing at the plant wheel someone walked by and gave my oldest son 4 tickets as they were leaving. He hadn’t won a plant he wasn’t really upset about it but I told the other kids since he didn’t and my little bitty had her tickets left we may as well go back let him ride one more ride and her to ride one more. He rode his I ended up giving her 3 tickets a way. It started to rain a little and she wasn’t interested on riding anything she just wanted to be done run and was getting crabby it was past her bedtime.

We got in the truck and home just in time. We didn’t even get to take the dogs out before it started to pour really hard out. We washed some loads of clothes and went to bed. Now we are up getting ready for church. I’m tired I just want to go back to bed but they are excited and ready to go. Maybe after going to bed so late getting up early they will come home and take a nap. Yeah right who am I kidding. As long as my little bitty dose I can and she always down for a nap.


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