{April 16, 2015}   No Days Complete without A Panic Attack Right?

Father of the year took the kids last night and let them stay with him. I decided to go shopping today for a desk. I left my house and drove about 20 miles I went through the drive through to get something to eat quick then went on to the store. I parked and went in and looked around. I ended up buying a bunch of books. I didn’t have enough $1 bills in my pocket I knew I had some in the truck so I went and got them. I went paid for my stuff came out and got in the truck. I don’t know why but I got in on my side and then reach across and put the bag of books into the passenger side floor. I caught something out of the corner of my eye on the win-shield and side of the truck up at about the curved part of the door. I thought at first it was a lizard. I noticed it looked really long and not the right color. I got out and went to the front of the truck to inspect. Staying on my side of the truck and a ways back because now it is clicking what it probably is. Sure enough there was a snake up in the door of the truck. The head and tail were sticking out the middle was down in the door of my truck.

I about loss it. I don’t know what it is I have had this horrible fear of snakes all my life. I would rather wake up in the night to someone in my house than be near a snake. One in my house or truck like that one is even worse. I almost had a panic attack. I walked back in the store and up to the two ladies at the counter. I asked them if they had any men working there? They said yes I asked if one could help me for a minute. They wanted to know why I told them. They came out to look at it they couldn’t believe it was on my truck.

Then the one lady comes over to me and says I can get it off but it might scratch your paint. I said ok. Then she looks at it some more comes back over to me telling me she can get it off but it may scratch the paint again. I said ok she said is that ok? I said I don’t care what you have to do just get it off my truck. I don’t want it getting inside. If she said she could get it but had to take the door off and keep it I would have told her do it. I said scratch in the paint it better than setting it on fire. What I was ready to do. If no one had gotten it or helped me I would have walked all the way back to my house the 20 miles or more. They could have towed my truck or whatever they wanted to do with it.


She went inside got a pair of hedge clippers and a plastic bag and came back out. We are all standing around looking at it I am trying not to have a full blown panic attack. All I could think was there is a snake in my truck and there could be more. I have to drive this home. This truck pulled up with a guy in it next to mine. He got out looked to see what we were all looking at. I said can you help her get that off my truck please. All the while standing about 5 cars away from it. She started trying to get it with the clippers he started striking at them. After a couple minutes she got it. It cut in half she had it holding it with the clippers it was still trying to strike. The guy got something out of his truck and killed it. Then I had to go unlock the truck and open the door to get the other half out. It fell down on my running board. The lady picked it up put it in the bag and took towels and wiped all the nasty off the door of the truck. I most have told her thank you about a million times. Then stood in the parking lot forever before I could get the nerve to get in it and drive it home. I had to look under my seat and floor matt before I did. Then I flew all the way back toward home praying all the way that no more came out and got on me. I went to my friends barber shop she was supposed to do my hair yesterday I didn’t make it. I was planing to go today see if she had time if she could do it. I figured there are always a bunch of guys in there and she is good friends with a lot of them I would ask one to help me look through the truck and under it to see if we seen anything else. Only to find she was closed. I had no one else to call I was still scared to get back in the truck. I figured if more were in it I made them mad by now with the drive they be moving around. I called father of the year since I wasn’t that far away from them. He was across town picking up parts for my moms truck he is helping her with. I told him when he came by to stop and check it. He did and said he didn’t see anything. There was a guy at another store I go to right there he came out and looked around too. He said he didn’t think anything else was in there either he looked around.

If that thing had crawled on me while I was driving or gotten close to me I would have wrecked my truck. There is no way I wouldn’t have. We figured out he must have gotten in it out of the tree at my house why it was sitting there over night and been somewhere in the truck why I was driving it up to the store all that way. Because I got in it and drove it straight there only going through the drive through. There was no trees grass or anything around there and there wasn’t at the store either. Just big parking lot. Where he was on my truck no longer than I had been parked there it is unlikely that it had time even if it had been in the parking lot to get up my truck all the way up there and down in the door like that.

One lady said it was a pygmy rattler the guy insist it was a copperhead. All I know is that it was light colored or white on the underside and had circles with black lines in them on the top and another design in black Gray and tan. I can’t remember really what it looked like and the markings. Because like I said all I could think is there is a snake getting in or out of my truck and it’s alive, there maybe more I have to drive it. All I could think. I couldn’t even get any closer to get a picture.

Buy my dad said before that pygmy live in the top of palm trees. There are two palm trees they planted right on the edge of the driveway. We are always cutting the branches off because they grow over scratch the truck. It sits so close I have to park over a little anyway so we can open the door. It’s branches are just over the edge of my door on that side. I am calling my dads friend who has a tree service and asking what he would charge me to just cut the top off so it don’t have any more branches and make sure there are none in there. hopefully make it so they can’t live in it any more. I am sure I will have nightmares tonight.

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