NIght before last father of the year came over and sat with the kids while me and my oldest went to the store. I needed to get them some clothes and the little ones hate to clothes shop. We went earlier in the day and they were having a fit wanting to come home.

Yesterday one of the kids says something about my bathroom sink being broken. I go in there thinking it is cracked or something. No it is really broken one corner broken off. it is broken all up on side and across the front almost into the bowl part. No one knows how it happen. I have taken their two favourite things they can’t live without and everything they still say they do not know.

My oldest says it was fine when we went to the store she noticed it broken when we came back. I hardly ever go in that bathroom so I really don’t know how long it has been that way. But know it couldn’t have been more than 24 hours because someone would have said something about it. The only ones here were my two little ones and my big boy with father of the year. The two little ones wouldn’t be able to do it and my big boy I don’t think done it either. Father of the year would have heard it and had a fit and been telling me. I think father of the year done it he swears he don’t know what happen and that he didn’t know it was broken. But the holes in the walls and broken win-shields and his history of not telling the truth makes me believe different. But my son says he didn’t hear anything and that he wasn’t mad about anything why we were gone so I don’t know why he would have broken it or how without someone knowing. It just don’t make since. It almost looks like someone cut it but there has been nothing cut here and I don’t have anything that would cut it.

He was here I think the night before that and was mad and in there I am wondering if he didn’t do something then and we just didn’t notice until now. Now not only do I have to get the window fixed but have to get a new sink and replace it. I don’t have money for all this and going to be in trouble with the owners if they find out. I can’t afford to move and won’t get my deposit back if they do. He don’t seem to care. It is odd too because most the time he would be all over the kids and freaking out about it and he just acts like it is no big deal and it isn’t even broken. I ask him about it again last night he stopped to pick something he forgot up and he didn’t even want to look at it he was standing right next to the bathroom. He kept kind of avoiding the subject. Tells me he is for a reason.

He still hasn’t given me any money for support. He gave me $200 for the water bill that he made a mess of that is it. I still have $275 to pay on it.

Then today he asking me to borrow money. Says he don’t know if he can pay it back out of this check it might have to wait until the next. I told him if he got money from me it would be coming out of this check not the next. He still has a fine to pay on his license to get it unsuspended. He paid on it in the other county but I guess he has to pay a fine hear too because of it to get the hold off of it. Work finds out then he is going to lose his job. He better go somewhere else to get the money. Because I know he probably isn’t going to give me any money out of this check either he has to pay that fine or the money back if he borrows it, pay rent and something else he was talking about. I said something about giving me money he said yeah he was going to try. I said well you owe for a month now he didn’t say anything. He said something about the enforcement office making him pay back support once they call. So I guess he don’t plan to pay until they make him. He says he don’t want to get stuck paying twice. I told him put it in a check or money order but he just ignores it or changes the subject like everything else. I don’t know where his money from this last check went. He didn’t have to pay rent he says he only got $700 if he paid $200 on his water bill he still have $500 left.

I guess I will be going to child support sometime this week. I need to go for my little one and he wants to do things this way then I may as well let them take care of it for the other three why they have him in there. Because he is going to have to go for the DNA test for my little one anyhow.

It’s 2:30 pm and I am still waiting to hear from this lady about the job I went to see about on Friday. It was around 2:30 or 3 when she called me to come in for the interview so I hope to hear from her soon. I really pray I got it but the more the day goes on the less hopeful I feel. My big boy has asked me twice now if I have heard anything about the job I went to see about. He is excited about it and really wants me to get it as well. I am not good at waiting.


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