The lady for the job called me back this morning. She just wanted to let me know they had a guy come in over the weekend. He works for their store in another county but lives here. He is making a hour and a half drive each way to work. So they are trying to get him transferred over to this position.

She said she was really sorry she hadn’t called yesterday but that she was waiting to hear back from her boss to see if it was going to work out but that she still hadn’t heard back from him but she wanted to let me know what was going on. She said if something else came up for me to take it she didn’t want me to miss something else waiting on this since they most likely transfer this guy.

Hopefully if this don’t work out she will call me back or if she gets another opening come up she will keep me in mind. I understand and they are taking care of their employees they have already before bringing more in so that is good. I guess in a way I feel better knowing that I didn’t just not get it because of how the interview went or what.

I still feel that something will work out and I will get the job maybe not at that store. I hadn’t applied for that store anyway I applied to another but they all get the apps and call from them. SO maybe I will get something from the store I applied at to start with.


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