{April 26, 2015}   Exhausting Day Of Fun

Father of the year never picked the kids up Friday then I got a call that he is puking and oh so sick blah blah. I wanted to go get my tattoo touched up before it’s to late and get some things done. That night I was sitting there thinking about something to do Saturday. I’m just tired of sitting here in the house. I thought about the flea market but how many times can you walk around the same flea market. We don’t go often but nothing seems to change any more. Its more like a bunch of stores that only open on the weekend. Where as it use to be different people selling whatever like a big yard sale. Now it is mostly new stuff and over priced because hay if your going to only be open 3 days a week you got to raise the price to make the money right.

Anyway I thought of the flea market a few counties away but decided it was really to far to drive just to go walk around. We went the board walk a few times when I was a kid but it blew away years ago and they didn’t build it back. My little bitty wanted to go to bed so why she was going to sleep I started looking up things to do. I found a lot of things to do around there that didn’t cost a lot.

I decided to go. I sat and mapped out our trip to see what was next to what and the times they were open how long it take to get to them and all that. I found the flea market was farthest a way but opened the earliest and the light house was the closest and stayed open the latest and planed from there.

After the kids went to bed I made drinks and filled their big bottles up and put them in the freezer.  Then I made sandwiches and froze them and made popcorn. This way we wouldn’t have to buy lunch. the two places last on our list was next to a park and figured we get there around lunch time. I got the kids up at 6:15 and we were on the road by 7:30. I didn’t tell them where we were going until we got in the truck. I printed up a paper with a list of where all we would be going with the hours and all that on it so I had it with me.

We went to the flea market got there right on time. We spend and hour and half walking around there. I don’t think we seen it all it was so big. We walked in a few circles I do know that. Things were so cheap there as well. It was really big and nice. Nothing like ours. We left to get over to the tour we wanted to go on or we could have spent a lot more time there.

We went to the candy factory and took a tour thing there. They showed you how they made the candy and different things. What everything was used for. Gave the kids samples.

chacolate4chacolate3Chocolate starfish and breakfast, chocolate covered bacon isn’t good.

From there we went to the Marine Science Center.

marinasiencecenter11 marinasiencecenter5


They got to touch the stingrays, starfish and other things. My little bitty put her hand in with the stingray and it get close or touch her she pull back say no. Then he be right back up there again. She didn’t know what to think when the shark touched her why her hand was in there.



They had a octopus in a tank he was pretty cool. He just laid there for a while then we came back by and he was up moving all around. marinasiencecenter20marinasiencecenter21


The light house was around the corner from there so we went when we left there. They had some of the older settlers or keepers house there you could go in and look around as well. My battery was dead on my phone just about by the time we got there so I didn’t get to many pictures. I just took pictures of the light house. lighthouse1

I couldn’t get all of it in the picture if I got any closer. This was before we got in. I tried to take one of the kids in front of it get all in but couldn’t. lighthouse7zoomed in to get a better picture of the top when we by it.

lighthouse6This was once you went inside and looked up. All the steps to get to the top. there are 203. I wasn’t able to go my big boy was a little scared and I had my little bitty with me. It said not to carry kids and i knew there was no way I could carry her up and back down with my back. My big girl and my little guy went up together. They made it all the way.


Their view standing outside at the top. I got them a little certificate from the gift shop that says they made it to the top and back. They liked that.

We got home I stopped at a friends house down the street she reminded me that they were having the relay for life. I ended up not doing it this year I need to find out more about it and have more time to raise money. Just to short notice and to much going on. I wanted to go check it out see what it was like so I knew for next time. She was getting ready to go and we were already in the truck so we just met her down there. We walked around did a few games and things then let the kids play in the park. It was nothing like I expected my friend said less and less people are showing up every year. I think that they have to many in our one little county and that is why they have so few people at each one. I think if they had one for the county or maybe two one for the north end and one for the south end it would be much better. We have enough people for one or two big nice ones with a lot of people or a bunch of ah ones with a handful of people at them. Just my two cents.

We went to leave she went to her car we went to our truck since we were parked about a block from each other. I couldn’t find my keys. I swear I had them with me. I text her and told her my phone was in the red about to die because I didn’t have my phone charger on the way back from our trip. I went back walked around to all the booths we stopped at ask if they had found them looked all over by the table we were at and everything. I finally went out and looked in the truck the street light had come on I was able to see them laying in there. I just wanted to cry I was so hot tired and sore from all the running around. The kids wanted to go home and eat dinner. They were tired, hot, hungry and upset.

I called and called father of the year he didn’t answer. My friend called hoping he would answer if he didn’t know the number. Finally after about 10 minutes he called back. Again his phone was down or it never rang like always. He was about 30 miles a way not at home. He called dispatch to see if he could meet one of the guys and get the thing to open it. They told him they were going to send someone since they were closer. They called around to findout who was closes to me and sent the him out there. He got there and said I thought father of the year was going to be here, I’ve never done this. He messed with it for a few minutes but he finally got it open. I was so glad he was close and didn’t have a call and was able to get it. I didn’t have money to call a lot person or the company even to have them send someone. He called they sent someone they told him to take care of it tomorrow with the manager. They will probably tell him to just give the guy $10 or something for coming out there instead of paying the full fee for a call.

Father of the year said he pay for dinner to just stop and get something on the way home he could hear the kids all upset and tired. They came home ate dinner and went to bed. I think they were all in bed by 10. We got up and went to church this morning and been at home today. I’m to sore and tired to do anything after yesterday. I had been up since about 9 am Friday and didn’t sleep at all until last night.



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