I have to say as hard as the last 5 months have been, I haven’t drank other than that one time back 3 months when A Good Friend, came over. I haven’t even had to Fight The Urges in a while. I thought of it the other day. How much better I have been feeling the last few weeks to month. I don’t feel like I am on that Down Ward Spiral .  I still have my down days but they aren’t as bad as they where or have been. My biggest thing now is back to not sleeping. I think it is more the stress of everything going on with father of the year. Him not helping rushing to find a job so I can pay the bills.

The stress of the house and trying to get it back under control. The office called Friday and said someone called code enforcement on us and they gave us 10 days to get everything cleaned up but that 10 days was up today. We got the truck out of here Saturday finally and yesterday father of the year mowed the yard. I told him he needed to come do it since he wasn’t helping me pay anything and I didn’t have money to pay someone. It is to keep his kids a place and to keep it safe for his kids too. We cleaned all the mess off the carport. It isn’t to great most of it just got put in the room outside. But it is out of the way and the carport and yard is cleaned up. We tossed out a bunch of junk that has needed to be tossed. Lot of it was to big for me to pick up and I had asked him and told him we were going to get in trouble for it being there he say later and not do it.

I have to work on getting our school room together this week. We need to get school worked picked and bough for the year as well. Then we are going to get started on 4 and 7t h grade I think.

I forgot the lady from the office said she was coming to take a picture so she could send the owner and things. I talk to her earlier and told her I was sorry things were out there I was going to have a yard sale but I just hadn’t been able to really do much with everything that has happen that I just the last few weeks felt like I could function again half way normal. I got half way to the college and thought of her coming so I called her back. She said no I didn’t have to be here I asked her if she needed inside because of the dogs. She said no they aren’t complaining about the inside they aren’t looking in your windows thank goodness. I said oh the guy across the street dose. He seems to like what he can see at night. She said oh my that is creepy. I said yes we are trying to catch him. Got to love Peeping Tom.

I am going to need things more put together around here if I go back to school so that it is easier to keep on top of.

But I am just so glad it feels like the black cloud has lifted and I don’t have to fight the urges to drink or do other stupid things. That I didn’t get worse than just that one night.


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