{May 11, 2015}   Dare I Say It

I have had my frogs for 1 year this month. I got them for mothers day last year.I started out with 2 Roxy and Trevor then added a third last year sometime. I also redone their tank. I put in different rocks and some little figures decorations along with the pots. IMG_20150511_204610 This was feeding time tonight. That’s what is floating at the top of the tank.





I haven’t gotten to spend to much time watching them lately with the holidays and then all that has been going on this year. But my little bitty has taken a interest in them more. She pulls her little chair up and makes sure it is pushed in good. Then she stands up on it and watches them. We feed them together and she just chatters away to them. They have gotten to where they are starting to come to the front of the tank and swimming around when they see her even when it isn’t feeding time.

I am sure I will be spending more time watching them once I get everything going with school and things. I will probably be studying in the living where they are. I am going to be moving things around as well. They will be in a better spot to watch them.

IMG_20150511_204645Just chilling about to catch some food.








This one I think was taken a few weeks a go. 20150306_020929Yeah because the pot in the middle back is standing up. I don’t know how they got it knocked over. Crazy things move or knock everything over. The poor turtle was sitting up as well they knocked him over right away. When the pot in the back was sitting up and the turtle in there, my kids said it looked like a scene from the first Mario Brothers game. Where you could go down in the cans and fight off the turtles. The frogs would get down in the pot then pop up out of it.

They really are such low matnice pets I can’t believe how easy it has been to take care of them and keep them alive. Easier than beta fish even. I think I have cleaned the tank 4 times. We have went through so many beta fish it isn’t even funny. We had I think 6 in just a few months. The kids just won two the other week and with in a day one got killed. My little bitty tried to give it a bubble bath and poured body wash in the vase. My sons is still alive but he put it up on a shelf on the wall where she couldn’t reach it. But even the others we didn’t do anything to them. We put them in a 2 gallon tank feed them. They died. Best Christmas present ever, NOT. But my frogs really are a pretty awesome gift. And great for someone who don’t have a lot of time to keep up with a pet but wants one.

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