Little late but better late than never right. I was so sleepy yesterday after working all those hours two days straight. Plus the first night I got off I stopped to drop something off to the kids and ended up there until after midnight. My little bitty wasn’t feeling good and couldn’t sleep and didn’t want me to leave her. She is getting more teeth and having a really hard time. Then Saturday night I picked them up and brought them home. She had another ruff night. She slept in my bed. She had to sleep with her head at the foot diagnally so I slept funny. She was up and down all night dreaming and upset. We got up and went to church. After church father of the year came over to drop something off. Me and little one was laying on my bed she was tired too. She got up when he got here. I passed out. He was seeing the kids they had lunch. I ended up sleeping most the day. They woke me up said they were going to get something to make for dinner.

He helped the kids make dinner we had dinner. Really I think it been better off if he just left them to do it. I went out there after he left and the kitchen is trashed. He didn’t say happy mothers day I’m leaving you a trashed kitchen. I know he just done it because there is stuff that I don’t even know why it was used or what for. Looks ike he used everything in the kitchen. I said something before he left about oh say your helping the kids make mothers day dinner but then leave me the mess to clean up and he just kind of smirked and walked off. I didn’t expect what I seen when I went in there at all. I really don’t think if my kids had made it their self there would be that much mess. Stupid me thought he was being nice. I should have though of it earlier and said something or just told him to go home I had it. But I was so tired and feel like I’m getting sick on top of it. Now I have more work than if i had cooked it and cleaned it up. My big girl who is supposed to clean up dishes skipped out and went home with him. I figured they had cleaned up as they went there might be a few plates or something. Not a trashed kitchen with nothing clean. I have no one to blame but myself. I should have been up and done it myself. I still don’t feel good. I ate some dinner but not a lot. I felt like I had already eaten a couple plates full when I sat down there to eat. My stomach has been upset the last few days too and really bothering today. I will have to do it tomorrow. I couldn’t stand in there tonight and do it. I washed everything out good and stacked it up in the sinks.

Happy Mothers day to me.


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