I went back to the college to sign up for my classes and figure out my student aid. I took in my letter showing that the loans had been paid. For the guy to show me that there is still around $2500 owed on them. I got the letter it said we paid blah blah on your loan. It was about what I owed and I had paid on them some so I just folded it up and filed it. I never read all of it. Well at the bottom it said I owed more and there was still $2500 owed on it. I don’t know how with what I paid and then what was paid later on it.

The aid office gave me a number and I called it said there is $106 left owed on it. I don’t know how they ended up with that when the letter says almost $2500. I just called them for the 3 rd time and they still said it was only $106 so I paid. It I had to borrow the money until I get paid Saturday to get it paid but I am trying to meet all these deadlines and am not even sure that I’m going to do it or if I have missed any.

They said that it would take two days for them to fax the information over to the aid office at the school. I just called when I got off the phone with them and set up a time to go take my test for Thursday. It is supposed to be there by then. I hope that it is because I only have until Friday I think it is to get all my stuff right and have them do what they need to so that I get my aid. I was going to go tomorrow and take my test but I figured that I should do it all at once since I am going to need a baby sitter to do both. I am going to try and drop them off either tomorrow evening so i can go first thing Thursday morning over there or get up early and drop them and go. I know her and she don’t like to get up early and it takes forever to get them dropped in the morning with her. It is easier to drop them the night before and let them stay the night.

I just hope this all goes through and works out. If it don’t I don’t know what I will do I am counting on getting these classes out of the way so that I can take fewer classes in the fall.

I now need to get off here and do my aid application for the 2015-2016 school year. Take advantage of the kids being good and quite. God knows they were far from quite why I was trying to take care of everything I needed to do on the phone.


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