{May 20, 2015}   It’s Official

As of Monday May 18, 2015 I am a college student. Funny because I graduated high school May 17, 16 years ago.

Even though the classes are shorter than normal terms, full time is still considered 12 credit hours. I decided that I couldn’t take on 4 classes right now. Between not being in school in 16 years, not ever taken college classes on line classes and everything else I have going on, I decided to just take two classes. I took Comp 1 and Personal Finances.

I did as I expected I would on the test. I scored 120 on the reading, 112 on writing and a 94 on math. I guessed at a lot of the math. The only thing I have to take any remedial classes in is math. I think there are 3. But then the adviser told me about a math boot camp class thing they do that is free, It’s 4 or 6 weeks long I really don’t remember. But she said I needed a 96 and I wouldn’t have to take one or two of the remedial classes. She said she wants me to take the boot camp then retest to so I can try to get the 96 since I am so close. Then I will take the one and move on to the class they require and the class I need.

Since I did good on the other two parts I was able to take any classes I wanted other than math. I decided on comp 1 since it will show me how they expect to all our papers and things to be written. I wanted to take socilogy or something like that, but she said it was a lot of writing. She felt I should wait and do it after comp 1 at least.

She was talking about science but I really didn’t want to take a science class right now. I just not in that kind of mood. Then she said there was other stuff not to do with my degree I could take as a elective. She said it wouldn’t hurt since I didn’t have much I had to have right now. She said they had the personal Finance, it wasn’t something I would pick because I figured they say it was math. I asked her she said no. I decided it be a good one to take probably not as much writing as there will be working with numbers. I like to work with numbers.

I really had no idea what to take I knew there were classes I wanted to take but they weren’t part of my degree I wanted to get the classes that were out of the way first. But wasn’t thinking about the comp and things and wanting to get use to getting back into school. I thought of it when I got home. I wanted to take a language. I want to take ASL. I have a feeling it is one I would have to be in class for and right now i can’t go to a class just on line it probably be more of a hassle then it’s worth to do it that way. If I decide to pick up an extra class or two in the fall after these two then I will pick it up for sure.

Once I got to the office to pick my classes and get my financial aid they told me that my aid letter said there was still unresolved loans. I had to get the number go out and call them to see what was going on. I called one number it said I still owed $99 between two loans. But wouldn’t give me more information. I had to call another number. I called it the guy said the paper they sent the school said it was paid in full and everything was fine. I told him they were saying it didn’t and that I needed them to fax it again. He tells me it could be 10 minutes to 48 hours before it got to them. Here I am the first day of classes just getting signed up and have things due by today. I went back inside and I don’t know if they found another letter they sent or if they pushed the one I called about through but they had it. I was able to go into classes. Then she couldn’t put in for my books until Tuesday she said. Then she called me Tuesday and said that they hadn’t processed my stuff it would have to go in after that. I was going to go get my books today and called to see if it was in place. She said let me look, comes back and says ok I just put it in for $300 you can get your books TOMORROW!!! So I still have no books. If I can’t get them tomorrow I am going to be in trouble because I have papers due Sunday and Monday.

I got lucky when I was finally able to log into classes Tuesday the first assignment was to introduce yourself on the discussion board and then to reply to of the other people who posted. Then the other class wanted you to list your name why you were taking the class on line, what your major is and something unique about yourself then reply to one other poster. I am so glad that is all that it was and not more since I wasn’t even able to sit down and get into the class until late last night. It was like 1 and 2 in the morning before I was done posting.

My comp class has the first few things listed so that we can do our papers but I have a really hard time reading it and it takes me forever reading it all on line. Plus I like to highlight and things that I feel is important or that I am going to need to remember as I go along. Personal finances said we have to have the book and logged into another class are with a code we get from the book by the first of June or they will drop us from the class. I have all 4 kids tomorrow but I have the list of the books I need i hope I can pop in and out fast.


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