I sat down and really got started on my assignments tonight and boy is it a nightmare trying to figure out what we are supposed to do. We go into canvuse where the syllabus, calender, and work is listed. I go under modules to find what we are to work on, Listed is week 1 reading assignment, week 1 Narration assignment, Then it says Narration reading assignment when you click on it goes to a page that says read this, this and this. Then the next page is the story it wants you to read in case you don’t have the book. After that it goes to a page with a link to click that says storytelling presentation, when I click on the link it has you fill in things that happen in your life then tells you a story has you write about one of the things and then give more information and has you write little more about your story. Then you can print it or email it to yourself. From there it goes to Narrative paper assignment, that takes you to a page that has a link and when you click on the link it says……

Narrative Essay Assignment
Write a narrative about the topic of your choice. Use the check-list on page 100 in The Brief Bedford Reader to proofread and revise before turning it in. Your paper is to be at least 500 words and in MLA format. Please see the YouTube video in the Lessons tab on how to set up a paper in MLA format. You will not need a Works Cited page unless you do any outside research – which is not required until we get into the formal research paper. Your Narration is as informal a formal paper as you can get, so yes, 1st person is acceptable. However, as we move into your research paper later in the term, it will not be.

Then there is the drop box. The only thing I am showing that has to be turned in for a grade is the above essay so I am guessing the rest is just whatever to do and practice our stuff. I don’t understand why she says to read x story because that is part of the chapter. So if you are reading the chapter like she says you will have read it. She don’t say look at this or that or do this or that because you have read it nothing, just read it. No explanation for the storyteller site but it is up before the part about the assignment telling you to write about whatever topic you want to.

I’m just doing what it says needs to be turned in for each day and not worrying about the rest. Over all between the discussion boards term and other papers I have to write it will be 7300 words by the end of the class. That seems imposable in ways and like I may not get everything in with that many. Right now it is 5:30 am the kids will be up in in 4 to 5 hours, I need to stop worrying about this and try to get a few hours of sleep. I have to go to the book store to get that other book today and they are only open 9 to 1. By the time we get up get dressed and eat I am going to be rushing over to get it and if I don’t get to sleep I am not going to be over to get it at all. Then I will be in a lot of trouble because I have papers due in that class on Sunday. That class has a ton of little assignments instead of big papers like this one. NOt sure what is worse, I think I like all the little ones because if you do bad on one you have all the others to pull your grade back up. Where with this calls and all the writing one bad paper can mean a not so hot grade over all.


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