I have been so busy the last few weeks with starting school and then trying to get this house in order. I have got to go through everything and get rid of a lot of stuff. I just have no room for the things we want to keep and I am really working on being able to move by May of next year. I want to take the things we really need with us but I also know that we are carrying around way to much junk.

When we moved from my house in with RC we took some stuff and had a little bit stored and stuff still at my old house. Then I went back to my old house after everything that happen with me and RC. The way I was feeling and all that I was going through at the time I didn’t really go through anything when I left then I just through it all in boxes and moved. I have gotten rid of some stuff but still have pretty much just tossed in boxes and moved. I haven’t really carried just wanted to get it done. I rented at two different times a storage room to put our stuff in. I had to get one twice the size we shouldn’t have needed and it wasn’t because of furniture and things it was because we had so many boxes of shit. I have been trying to go through it all here but I just can’t seem to get on top of it. It seems like all I get done in a day is cooking, mopping, washing laundry, and cleaning the day to day stuff. If I try to do other stuff I have to stop and work on the day to day stuff or go to a appointment then by the time I get done it is time to do other stuff that has to be done. I feel like all I do is push the stuff in circles trying to move stuff to make room for other stuff and trying to get it all moved from the rooms it’s in to the rooms it needs to be in. I had a good dent in it the other week and why I was busy my little’s got into it all and mixed everything up and mixed all the keep stuff with the to go stuff. I am working on getting it all straight again.

School Is going ok I have been working on it between everything else I have to do, mostly at night after the kids go to bed. Why I haven’t been on here because I normally would come here after the kids go to bed. I have a 100% in my Comp 1 class right now but after turning in my stuff that was due last night I don’t know if I am going to still have that. Well I know I’m not because I didn’t get to post a reply to two people in the discussion boards. Plus my post was not really about sports like it asked for. I don’t watch, play, or keep track of sports I have no interest in them what so ever. The assignment was about sports and comparing a story to what we see go on in sports today. I compared it to the work force and the over all survival of the fittest because to me it was all the same. I reply to one persons post be we are supposed to reply to two. We also had to do a 500 word essay on a role we play in life. I had a really hard time with writing about it and was working on it up until the last few minutes. Then I had trouble with the computer and inter net, I got it turned in at 11:57 pm and it is due by 11:59. I was just happy the computer and net started working and I got it in with the two minutes to spear because if I had turned it in even a few minutes late I would have not been able to get anything higher than a C. I didn’t want to start with a C for them to start taking a way from for anything I missed. I was surprised I finally got my grade for last weeks 500 word essay. It was a narrative and I felt I did pretty good on it but didn’t expect to get 100 points out of a 100 on it.

My Personal Finance class isn’t to bad, now that I have it figured out. The first week and the first quiz I bombed. I didn’t get any of the questions right, it didn’t help that it was only 4 questions either. I had studied and studied the work we had to do and did good on it. I thought I was ready to take the test so I started to take it and it wasn’t really what we went over on the work we did. It was all math problems that had to be worked out and I hadn’t really studied that part because the way I understood it was that what was on the work we were doing would be on the quiz and it wasn’t. Once I knew that I knew I needed to look at the other stuff that isn’t on the work we have to do a little closer now. My next quiz I got 16.67 out of 20 so I was happy with that. It says I have a 73% over all for the class but she drops our two lowest grades for quizzes and assignments so if she drops the one I got the 0 on and I do really good the rest of the class then I should be ok. With dropping that one 0 will bring my grade to a 90 something %.

I love that all the grades are posted right on our page on line so that we can see them and keep track of grades as they are put in. Like with my finance class the teacher put in on of my grades as a % instead of just a number it brought my grade down to a 63% instead of %73. Then I sent her a message and told her she put it in as a 1 instead of a 10 I knew it should be a 10 because when I did the work it grades it as you go it said I had gotten the full 10 points. At least with the grades posted I can see when something is wrong right a way and let them know instead of once they are all done and given to us and then waiting on them to go back and figure out where it is and fix it. I can look say this is where it is this is what I have it should be and go from there. I like that we can put grades in to see what our over all grade would be if we get this or that on a test or page too. Then it just 0’s out and goes back to regular grades.

I have so much to catch up on here but I have to go for now. I have to get the kids lunch and then study for my quiz that is do before midnight tonight and take it. Then I have to check and see what I have to do for this week so that I can get a start on it. But I think this week is a litter week so I should be able to get back tonight or later today and catch up most of it. Then I have to start working time in to write at least every few days or once a week to keep this from sitting forever like it has before. I really don’t like it when I it sits like that.


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