My first paper I had to write for my comp 1 class was a narrative essay about something that had happen in my life. I wasn’t sure what to write about at first, everyone said to write about my wedding day, when one of my kids where born, a birthday or something like that. I didn’t want to write about the same thing most the rest of the class was writing about. So I picked a time that we caught someone messing around our house. Thought I would share it here. We don’t really get grades thy give us points. I got 100 out of 100 points and the teacher said wow what a story.


Mom and I lay on the bed in the dark room listening and waiting, the only light seeped through the cracks around the bathroom door. Listening for the crackle of the dry leaves that are under the window above our heads. It seems like we have been there no time at all when we hear what we been waiting for. The cracking of the leaves shatter the silence of the night. Fear flows through your body like electricity flowing through power line. You want to move but to scared to, to scared of scaring them off and to scared of what is going to happen next. He went from the window over our heads to the one on the front of the house. We can see his shadow move from one window to the next. As a car comes down the street the shadow disappears, but only for a moment as the car goes by. They go walking toward the other end of the house. We ease off the
bed as to not make any noise to try and see who he is and where he was going.

We made our way down the long hall toward the living room window. As we got close to the window we heard the shutting of the truck door. We looked out just in time to see him walking away, sticking something into his pocket. No doubt lose change he found in the truck. We watch him as he walks down the street looking at other house and cars. Nothing must of caught his eye as he kept walking, heading up around the bend.

I locked the door as mom went out and got in her truck to follow and see where he went. Then I made my way in the dark to the kitchen to call the police. Dispatch comes on as they do with their standard police, fire or ambulance. I tell them police and who I was. By this point we are almost on a first name basis it seems. I tell them where I am and that the guy was back again tonight. Not only did we see him watch him but that she was following him in her truck to see where he went. The police all knew us and our truck they had been to our house so many times before. They told me to stay on the line they had officers in route. A officer showed up I went out and talk to him. He said they had the guy in custody across in the other neighbourhood.

I asked him if they had seen my mom he said yes that was how they knew who they were looking for. He said they ran into each other as they were on their way there. The other officers were there with her and they sent him to the house. In a few minutes she was home.

They asked us to come down to the police station to fill out and affidavit. The officer said he wanted us to be able to go back and look at him close up and in the light. We had seen him but in the dark under the street lights through the windows. They wanted us to get a good look at him so we knew who he was if we ran into him after he got out or we started having problems again.

We went down to the police station and he was acting like a mad man in the holding cell. He was screaming, yell, bouncing off the walls, jumping on the bed and things in the room. He was screaming how he was going to kill us, cut our heads off and all kinds of other things. Every time we tried to look through the little window of the cells door at him he punch it or run up and hit it. We never did really see what he looked like.

I really wasn’t scared at this point I knew he was there they were going to have him for a while and we wouldn’t have to worry about him for a while at least. Only to find out a few hours later that he wasn’t the person we thought he was. He had been in prison for years. All the time he had been in there we had the problem. He just happen to be in the area breaking in cars that night.


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