12 hours until I leave to pick the kids up from camp and I missed a call. I didn’t know the number ether so I wait to see if a message is left before I call it back. There was it was a guy from camp he said he wanted me to  know that my oldest was fine but they had a problem with her cabin and needed to talk to me. I called him right back to see what was going on. Again he said she was fine she wasn’t there with him she was out with the other kids doing activities, but he needed to let me know that one of the girls in her cabin was diagnosed with bed bugs by the nurse on staff.  He said they had a empty cabin and moved them over to it, that they took all their bedding and gave them some to use. He said it was a little nicer cabin than they were in so it was like a upgrade for them. They had talk to other camps around the area and I think he said with the health department as well and was taking precautions to keep it from spreading. He said they had been treating the bedding and the girls things with heat for about the last 36 hours or so at that time. He wanted to let everyone know in case we wanted to bring plastic trash bags or what to put her stuff in and stop somewhere on the way home and wash it as well to be on the safe side.

I wasn’t happy at first that they waited almost two days before they called and told me anything was going on. But then I figured they were probably busy trying to get the little girl picked up and all the rest of the kids moved to a new cabin and getting all their stuff gathered up and starting treatment with it and trying to be sure none of the other girls seemed to have any problems as well. I would rather them to get it under control and taken care of as quick as possible to keep it from spreading and hopefully prevent her from bringing it home with her than calling me right away since it isn’t something life threatening I guess you would say. It sure isn’t the call I thought I would be getting and at that point really didn’t think I would be getting any kind of call. Hopefully it is all handled and under control.

8 hours and I will be in the van on my way to pick them up. It seems like this week has flown by. I really can’t believe it is Saturday already.


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