Lord I feel fragmented                               Quiet quiet quiet,

  Like a broken pot of clay.                        My child, be still.

  I’ve lost my focus;                                      Listen to your feelings.

  I’ve lost my way.                                        Discipline your will.

I’ve poured myself out                                Come to the Garden,

I’m drained, I’m dry;                                   The secret place we share.

I sense a discontent                                      My essence is in the Garden;

I can’t identify.                                              Come to Me in prayer.

I feel rootless                                                    Transcend worldly cares.

Like rolling tumble weed,                            Seek the Kingdom first.

Moving, moving, moving,                          Peace lies within;

Dizzy, from the speed.                                   It is for Me you thirst.

I feel like quitting.                                          Accept your limitations;

I feel self-doubt.                                               Embrace humility.

I’m tired, Lord,                                               Here lies the path to wisdom

I’m worn out.                                                   And maturity.

How can I integrate                                        Come to the Garden,

My scattered thoughts,                                 The soul’s sweet bouquet.

How can I find balance,                                 The flowers of tomorrow

Freedom from extremes?                               Are in the seeds of today.

How can I slow down?                                     TOGETHER we will weed.

How can I release?                                            TOGETHER we will sow.

There are so many pressures.                      TOGETHER we will water.

How can I find peace?                                    TOGETHER, you will grow.

Jo Anna O’Keefe


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