This evening I took the dog out to walk her and checked the mail. I didn’t expect to get anything really I checked it yesterday and it was empty. When I looked I was surprised to find two letters, one for me and one for my little guy. I was so excited I ran inside to give him his and open them. I helped my little guy open his first it was from my oldest at camp. I knew they were from camp I just didn’t know from which one as I addressed the envelop for them but didn’t put a return address on it. I did it in the car and was in a hurry. I read him his and then open mine. It had something in it when I open it it was a bird feather.

She said she was having fun, she was making friends. She said she met a girl there that went to the last school she went to and that she made friends with one of the girls in her cabin. She is watching out for my big boy but don’t see him much. She said he came over and sat next to her when she was taking a water break and they were all playing ball. He was pretty upset and didn’t want to play any more because his team wasn’t winning. She said she talked to him and tried to get him to go back and play but he wouldn’t. She went on to play. When she seen him the next day at breakfast or lunch he seemed to be happy again and doing ok. She said that the next night was the fire and smores she couldn’t wait. I am assuming that was last night because it probably took two days for the letter to get here. She said she was going to go she just got out of the shower and it was almost time to go to sleep. Then she put p.s the father is for little guy it is a sand hill father. He was so excited about that. He said is it a tickle father so I can tickle people with it. I told him to put it and the letter in his draw so he didn’t mess it up and could keep it.

She said you were right I am glad I came I am having fun and meeting new friends. I was glad to hear that since she had went back and forth about going after being at my mom’s.

I don’t know if my boy wasn’t able to get stamps or he just didn’t write. Maybe he wrote another night and sent it we will get it tomorrow even who knows. I know he isn’t much of a writer and I wasn’t able to send them with stamps. I stopped to get some but forgot until we were next to camp. We stopped at two little stores (the ones by us sell stamps) and even found a post office right my the stores but the post office didn’t have a stamp machine and it was closed. I told them to ask someone there if they could please have a stamp as they said they had some things for them if they forgot theirs. I was hoping he would write and tell me how he was liking it and things. Nothing she said worried me though, with his disability he gets that way over games and things. But then he will be fine once it is over and he has moved on to something else. I just hope he is making friends other than that. That he isn’t being picked on or left out. I really don’t think the people in the cabin or over the camp would let it happen but kids do things when people aren’t looking they aren’t stupid. I guess I will know what he thought before long. Only about 29 more hours before I have to be there to pick them up.


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