{June 22, 2015}   Not A Happy Camper

As you all know I got A Call From Camp Friday evening the night before I was to pick the kids up. They said one little girl had bedbug. They told me there was nothing wrong with my daughter she was perfectly fine and that they handled it. They moved them to a different cabin took their stuff and dried it really hot heat for days.

I assumed my daughter had nothing wrong with her since they said she was perfectly fine and that they sent the other little girl home to be treated and that their things were being handled as they said to be on the safe side.

Boy was I wrong, I picked them up and her stuff was all thrown into a big black trash bag and I seen some bites on her. Didn’t think much of it figured from being outside didn’t look bad. Then on the way home she tells me that she has 80 some bites on her that she only got bit when she was in her bunk in her cabin sleeping at night. She says that one of the counsellors from another cabin noticed the bites a few days ago and told hers to send her to the nurse. So they must have been bad for them to notice. Why didn’t her counsellor notice and why didn’t they send her instead of having to be told to? She went and in a little bit for whatever reason in a little bit they sent another little girl from her cabin as well. I figured they got them all together and started checking them. They told the girls it was from mosquitoes they were fine send them back to their groups. But then they changed their cabin and took all their stuff away from them. They did not treat everything they let them keep clothes for the rest of the time they were to be there, and they only treated their blanket and sheet not and of their other clothes. Then tossed everything they had in one big bag so what was the point in treating the stuff they did treat if your going to toss it all back together to start with. And they could have taken their clothes and treated them first during that day when they found all this and gave them back so they had stuff instead of not treating it at all.

Her hands looked really bad big bumps looked like knots, they were read and looked swollen or puffy. Then she had them all on her arms and legs. She had some on her neck one or two on her stomach and back but not to many just the couple. She said she been this way for 3 days or more. I wasn’t sure what it was what I should do to treat it and if I needed to be worried about the other kids getting it or getting something started in my house that I was going to have to fight to get rid of. I ended up taking her to the er to get checked out and they said they really wasn’t sure what it was either. He didn’t seem to think it was bed bugs and that it was some other bug that got in the their cabin since it mostly only bit her in areas that were not covered by clothes. But that don’t explain why no other girls in her cabin but one got bit. One was on one side of the room one on the other and she only got them when she went to bed at night. So I still don’t know what it is and will probably end up taking her back to the doctor today if they are not gone when she gets up.

I am really not happy that the camp did not tell me that she had bites or bumps and told them they were just mosquitoes bits. Even if they thought they were they knew this was what they said the other little girl had they should have let me know she had something but this is what they thought. They should have also told me that she had almost 100 of them. even that should have told them it wasn’t just mosquitoes bites when they had not been outside at night and only her and one other girl in the cabin had them and when she said I only get them when I go to bed at night. I am also getting ready to call the health department up there and ask them what they were told and if they went out there and what they found as well. If they have not been contacted I am going to let them know what is going on and that I was told they were contacted and that maybe they need to go check and see what is going on and why parents are being told they were contacted. This is not right at all. If the person in charge of her cabin had been doing what they were supposed to then they may have noticed the first day and and not 3 or 4 later when someone else seen them and said something and she may not have gotten whatever it is so bad.

I don’t know and despite all this they want to go back next year but I don’t feel I can send them next year when they can’t call me and tell me anything like this is going on and the camp people lied and handled it so poorly in my opinion. I should say my son went as well and they did all the same stuff and he didn’t come back with even one bit on him. Only thing different about what they done was their cabins where they slept. I seen tons of other kids there when I was picking them up and they didn’t have any bits on them from anything not so much as a mosquitoes bit. They may have had one or two that you didn’t see but none of them were covered in them like my daughter was. They all had on shorts and things.

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