{June 23, 2015}   Counting Down the Minutes

I really want to go to bed but I am counting down the minutes until midnight. I have 5 left right now. But really I will probably have to wait until 12:30 am. My money is supposed to be here today so that I can go get my truck back. I really pray that it comes today like it is supposed to. I have been told it can take up to 3 days to really come. But I noticed Thursday that on my school records instead of saying I had no credit or balance it said I had a – credit and balance for the full amount I am supposed to get between tomorrow and the 7 th of July. My friend said Thursday I would have it within 24 hours of it showing negative but I didn’t get it. I was hoping because I could have gotten my truck back last Friday. But didn’t think it was going to come. When my grand money was supposed to come it said negative for weeks before the money finally came. I don’t know if I will get the full amount tomorrow or if they will hold part of it and I will get it the 7 th even. I really don’t care I just want at least the half I am supposed to get tomorrow so I can get my truck. The rest is pretty much for bills and rent so it don’t matter if I have it now or later I can’t use it for anything else but bills. I keep being told that it probably won’t go in before 3 pm tomorrow even. That kind of sucks because I have my sons therapy from 3 to 4. Then I have to go to the school, the store and a bank in order to get all the money for the truck if they won’t take my bank card for payment at the pawn shop. That is going to cost me around $20 give or take to just get my money if I have to run around all over to get the money. I am watching my email too because they are supposed to send me a email when they put it into my account. Well it is 5 after 12 and no email yet, but who knows how long it may take to get the email once they do it. They had to send me a text the other day and it took forever before I got it. I think I will call and see what they say and go to bed. If it isn’t there when I call I guess I will check when I get up in the morning and then later after therapy. I really want my truck back I don’t want to run out of gas again in this van or worse have it just stop working for some reason.

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