{June 23, 2015}   Trying Not To Stress

Surprisingly with everything going on and having to pawn the truck I really haven’t been stressed since I done it and got everything paid. I know the money is coming sometime so That I can pay on the truck and get it out. No the money did not go in after midnight and it still isn’t there. Chances of getting my truck back before they close today are looking slim. But I am ok with that so far because I was warren it may not come until Friday. I’m not happy about it because they gave me a date I feel they know people need this money for bills and things they should say it is going to be here between x and x not on x if it isn’t going to show up until days later. But anyway.

But I do have this lady that wants to come do a walk through of my house and it is stressing me to no end every time I think about it. There really isn’t anything wrong just little things that I have been working on getting taken care of. To be honest a lot of it is because of the work the people done before we moved in. But I know they are just looking for a reason to get me out of here it seems and I’m worried they are going to say it’s our fault and try to make us move. I really can’t afford to move. I don’t have almost $3000 to put deposits on another place and I don’t show the 3X the monthly rent coming in they want you to show to move in some place. I keep telling myself that it is going to be fine and that they aren’t going to find anything wrong enough to say we have to leave but then I can’t help but stress about it still. I do everything I can to keep this place even pawn my truck so that my kids have a place to live and it comes down to something like this and we may still not have a place. If it wasn’t for the fact it is our place to live I wouldn’t be so stressed. But I know how rude the guy was on the phone the other day and how mad he was that I have a lease and that for whatever reason he wants us out. I know it is nothing that we have done because if it was he had other times he could of told us to move and been able to do it. Like when the roof was leaking all over and fell in. They could have said they weren’t going to fix it couldn’t fix it right now that we needed to move. I truly believe that it all comes down to the houses all around me are renting for $950 a month and they rented me this one for $750. The fact that we have paid about $12,000 in rent in the time we have been here and that he has had to put two new roofs on and a new air unit outside. He probably has spent all that we gave him or more on repairs, taxes and insurance for the house. But you know what it isn’t my fault the roof was bad long ago he knew it if he didn’t the people he had do the work did because there were trees laying on the roof for a year or more. I don’t know what was wrong with the air but he would have to replace it whoever he had in here. At least he is starting to make money on it now and this years rent should start being mostly profit. Plus I know he has gotten money as well because the lady in the office told me he did and he was going to put it into the properties. I don’t know if he is wanting to do more repairs hoping to rent it for the higher amount or if he is wanting to sell it. It is harder to sell when you have it rented out for a year or so.

I just want to get it over with and I want to avoid dealing with it as long as I can at the same time. In hopes that they will just forget it and not come and leave us a lone as long as I make sure my rent is there on time from now on. I put them off last week by telling them I was sick which I was. They said give them a call back in a week or so to make arrangements. So I have been trying to make sure everything is ok before they come. But I can’t really scrub the walls and get any little scuff marks off or anything because of the paint they used, it wipes right off. The paint in other rooms is peeling off the walls I don’t know why. I know they are going to say something about that. I have a spot in the hall that is messed up from where the roof was leaking. The only real thing that they can say something about that is from us is where father of the year put a hole in two of my doors in the house. That is the only thing that is from us and should’t have happen. I covered one up with something the other is on a door in spot I don’t think they will notice.

I just really hate having people I don’t know in my house and going all through it. I have a really problem with taking someone all through my house into my bedrooms and things. Not that I have anything to hide I just feel it is a huge invasion of my space. I don’t know I think that is stressing me as much or more than them finding anything wrong to be honest. Am I going to have to open all my closets and all that or just walk them through let them glance in each room and they will be on their way.

Just the over all stress of dealing with them makes me sick thinking about it. I just wish I had the money to get us out of here and into something else. I would gladly move if they wanted to do away with my lease. But they would have to pay my moving cost and give me all the money I put down to get in this place and help me find something in the same price range in a comparable area and help me get in since i don’t show 3 or 4x the rent like they want. I know they are not going to want to do that and that is fine I would rather not move until the first of the year when my lease is up and I really haven’t done anything that they can make me move before then so I am just going to try not to stress about all to much. But if they were to do that I would move I would like to move north of here around where my dad was staying and closer to church.

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