{July 3, 2015}   An Interview

I had a job interview Tuesday for the job I talked to the guy about when I had to do all that with my truck. I interviewed with the guy I talk to then and the manager. They said that they were going to talk it over with their boss and he would call me for a second interview if he was interested. I haven’t heard back from them yet. Think I am going to call back today just to follow up.

I would really like the job the hours are 7:45am to 2 pm or 1 pm to 7/7:30pm they are closed most major holidays and you only work one Sunday a month. He said that most my days would be the evening shift and it would be part time. I would rather have all evening shifts it would be better for me. I could work with the kids and do what I needed to do with them in the day time before work they could work on finishing their work why I was at work. I wouldn’t need a sitter as long because when father of the year got off he could come over and sit with the kids until I get off. Plus if I work the weekend he would be off in time to watch them I wouldn’t needed need a sitter then as well.

My mom went and checked on a job and is probably getting it so she isn’t going to be watching the kids but not very surprised by that. I talk to a friend about watching them and she said she would do it she is looking for work right now too. This would let her work pretty set hours, she would be able to go to school and still go home with her husband at night and be with him. She wouldn’t have to worry about working or going to school in the evening. They would get off at the same time he would pick her up on the way home.

I just hope that I get it or something soon before she finds something else because if she dose I don’t know what I will do then. I hate the idea of getting someone I don’t know to come in and watch my kids even with my older two being as old as they are. I wish I could just find a few kids to watch in my home and not have to worry about it. I guess we shall see what happens.

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