{August 8, 2015}   Can’t Find A Doctor

I called around today to find the doctors they told me I should follow up with when I was in the hospital Monday. None take my insurance, I called to go to my family doctor but it has been forever since I went to her. Mainly because it takes forever to get in to see her even if you get there before your time. I don’t have 3 or 4 hours to sit and wait to see a doctor with 3 kids in tow. I called the office closes to me and they just gave me a run around. They said I had to come in sign a release for them to get my medical records from the doctor I seen over 2 years ago when I was pregnant. That is the only thing I went there for and she treated me for nothing else. I never even went back for follow up after I had the baby. But they wouldn’t see me until then.

I hung up and called their other office they said I was not in the computer as being seen there but their records do not go back more than two years. It has been at least 4 or 5 since I went last time. I hadn’t needed to go really. She said I would be considered  new since I hadn’t been there but they would take me. But then she told me that she couldn’t get me in until like the middle of next month. I told her what was going on that I was worried and ask if maybe her husband had a opening. She told me they had a group of new doctors in with them and there were about three other ladies there now not just the two of them. I ask her if she could get me in with one of the ladies. I don’t care of her husband but figured he could at least order the test.

She couldn’t get me in before the 27, but I am going to call next week see if they had anyone cancelle and if I can get moved up. But if not then I will go when they gave me. She said that I can have them write the orders for the test and then get the test done the first of the next month to get things straight with my insurance for the month then go back to see what they say about them and see if or what we need to do from there. I just hope this is a good doctor and will order the test and things for me. I wanted to see my doctor because she use to practice ob/gyn, deliver babies and everything. I figured she would at least know what to do about the uterus and the right test and if it was something to worry about or not. I figure at this point I will see this doctor get her to order test and if she isn’t sure I am sure she will probably check with her or ask her to check with her. Then when I have to go back ask to see her then.

I also ask her if they would help me find a doctor to go to for the other or at least get the test ordered and done for me and then help me find someone if need be. She said to talk to them they would take care of it make sure I got what was needed. I hope so. I have been seeing her off and on since I was little and she is really busy but she knows her stuff. I just feel better having someone that works with that kind of thing all the time and knows a little more about it as it is what they do all the time. Than her who studied it some probably but not her main thing. I guess we shall see what happens. I just hope it is all nothing to worry about but worried it is with family history.

I’ve been trying to take it easy not lifting or bending a lot as it really hurts if I pick to much up or bend over and mash things in there. My little one keeps wanting to climb on me and lay on me. I have to keep telling her she has to be careful and can’t lay on my belly it hurts. She don’t understand she just wants to be close to mommy.

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