I have not heard back from the call center or the management company Job about an interview as of right now. The interview I did have you were required to lift the mattresses and put them in peoples trucks, cars or where ever they wanted them loaded. I just can’t do it. That’s wear I stand with the Job Replies from the other day.

Over the weekend I received some more emails and calls from other places I have applied the last week.

I have an interview with a daycare in the morning. I don’t have the certification they want but I can get them while I am working. I have 8 months to complete them. It is will be hard because of my classes I will already be taking. I have to do a background check upfront for them and most time  have to pay that out of pocket they aren’t cheap. The perks is it is a Monday through Friday job with most major holidays off, Most daycare offer very large discount or free daycare to employees. I could take my two little ones with me most likely and take my two older ones to my mom. But the pay, the pay is really low Probably only around $8.10 an hour. I understand that because I don’t have all the stuff they want and that daycare is cheaper or free.  But it is going to still isn’t what I need to make to get by. It will be a help. Plus it isn’t something I want to do for very long, by the first of the year I hope to be moved and if not to have found something else. I worry too that my kids are going to be sick again all the time like they were when my older two were in school. But at this point it is a foot in the door somewhere and a stepping stone to something else. Better than nothing.

The other job I heard from last night it was a call center I applied for manager. They called me after 8 pm last night and asked me to come in today at 1. After I got off the phone with them and tarted checking them out more it is not the place I thought it was. I thought it was one that was going to be moving closer to my house opening a new office in a few weeks. It isn’t and it is about 30 miles away or more. Then he said they were looking for people to work on the phones. Then when I figured out where it was I worked for them in the past for training and then quit because it was just a mess the way they had things set up and people working on two or three different things at one time. All your scripts that you use are in a 3 ring binder when the person pops on your phone it tells you what they are calling for and you have to dig and find the script because they don’t want you to say a word different than what it says. So I ended up telling them it was farther than I could go for that kind of job. They hadn’t put in the add where it was just the county.

Today on my way out the door to take care of things I got a call. It was from another job I sent my resume to. It is for a route driver. I called the guy back after I picked up the application for the daycare. He said the job is also Monday through Friday unless something happens and we miss doing a day during the week. Then we make it up on Saturday. He said it was a Salary position of $XXX after 90 days it went to $XXX. I am pretty sure is what he said. His phone was breaking up but it was $5xx and then upped like $25 after 90 days. That would be great. It would be almost twice what I would need to just pay monthly expenses. That means I would have food money and gas money and a little bit in case I needed a part for the truck. He said I would need to keep the truck at my house and it is refrigerated. I think the way my house sits I should be able to park it in my driveway and not bother anyone. Two days a week I will be travelling about 30 miles away the rest of the week I would be working close to home. But it isn’t a big deal because I will be in their truck. Not wear, tear and gas on my truck any money out of my pocket. He said they start early to miss the morning traffic and rush in the stores. I would have to leave my house around 3 am to meet up pick up the food and start my route. I figure if it took me 8 hours I still be done by 12 and on the two days I am away home by 1/1:20. I don’t figure it will take longer than 8 and thinking they are going to want you to be done as quick as possible. Like he said they want to avoid all the traffic and rush in the stores. There is a chance I would be done before that. Those hours would be great the kids don’t get up until 9/10 most days then eat and do their morning stuff. I could come home we could have lunch and then do school, clean cook, go to appointments, home school groups or whatever. We could still be in bed by 10/11 at night.

The draw back is I don’t have a sitter to sit with them those hours, I would need someone for all 4 of them not just two. But they would be a sleep about half the time someone is here with them, making it pretty easy for them. But even after paying daycare I would still bring home more money than I would anywhere else.

Now I have to find someone that is willing to get up and come over here in the middle of the night like that. I know my mom won’t do it. I hear how see I just need to move over there so that the kids would just be there and I could just get up and go to work. There is no way I could get them up every day and take them over there she wouldn’t be up either it be to much of a problem. The thing is I couldn’t go there if I wanted to because I could’t part the work truck there. My other friend I was going to ask about watching them before won’t come and do it because her and her husband only have one car he has to be at work at 8. They live to far away for her to get the kids up and go take him and he can’t get up that time bring her every day. Plus she has to be there to pack his lunch and make him breakfast and all that before he goes. I really don’t know anyone else. I am thinking about about asking around at church to see if there is anyone that is close and be willing to do it. I also thought that maybe if there is another home-school family that is close who has a older high schooler they home-school maybe working something out with them to come watch them. I really want this and it would be so good for me and the kids. We get ahead for a change not have to worry.

The other call I got was for a merchandising job, basically same as above. Making sure stuff gets to the right stores the right time and things. I have not talk to the lady she called close to the end of the day. I am going to call her tomorrow after I hear from the above job so I can let them know when I can meet with them. Hoping it is as good of a job as the one above and pay is about the same. Just maybe better hours.

The other I applied for it but I really don’t know if I can do it or not. I am debating calling them back or not. It is to do the funereal arrangements with families. Help them pick out the casket, urn if it is needed set up the time for service and all that if they hold them at the location, deal with insurance. I don’t know how well I could do dealing with grieving people and with people who don’t have funds or enough funds to do what needs to be done. If I can’t get anything else I may try it but I think I would be very emotional when they got that way and it wouldn’t be good. It isn’t a easy job. I may have said before the thought of being around the bodies bothered me but I can say that really wouldn’t it would be dealing with family and feeling so bad for them. And I have a huge problem with these places and how bad they rip people off at such a time. I never knew until dealing with them when my dad passed and it is a huge racket when it comes to money and these places. They all but stick a gun to them and rob them. If they could get away with it they probably would. But that is another post all in it’s own.

Just praying that I get the 2 nd or 3 rd job, they are comparable and I can make the daycare work out. I have to say that I feel a lot better about things than I have in a long time. I feel like I have a chance and that my stuff isn’t just being tossed in the trash. I think it is because I did my resume the opposite of how they tell you to do it when listing your jobs, dates and things like that. Hope to be back tomorrow or the next few days with great news.


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