I finally made it to the school to get my aid fixed. I had to wait for paperwork to come from the IRS, they wouldn’t just take a copy of my return. I was going to get my aid fixed and come home and sign up for my classes on line. When I talk to the lady in aid she said she didn’t know when it would be straight. Before I gave it to them they did it I went signed up for my classes and was done. Well She said she had it there in her hand but it would take a while for her to put everything in and send it where it had to go because they were short handed and a week behind doing it. I don’t know why they don’t do it why your sitting there. I guess because they are seeing over a 100 people a day. She said that even if I went and signed up for classes that they would drop them at close for the day if they were not paid for. I said so I can’t take classes this term? She just looked at me I, then said she didn’t know. I said I need to take classes this term, I can’t sit and not do anything for a semester and lose my aid. Then she tells to go over sign up for classes and come back she would force a deferment through.

I went over and told them I wanted to change from my A.A to my A.S and that I needed to sign up for classes. I’m glad I had looked at some of them and had a good idea of what I wanted to take since I had plan to do it all on line tonight.

I ended up taking Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Business Plans, Microcomputer Applications, and Business Law 1. The microcomputers I could have finished it 12 weeks but I told her to give it to me for the full term. I didn’t want to be trying to get it finished in time why I had my other classes to worry about too.  I have to check into the microcomputers because when I looked it up when I got home it says I have to have a program I don’t have. If I can’t sure the one they have for us to use I will have to drop it until I can get it. Someone also that the book comes with a trial that last as long as you are in the class then expires once the class is over. If that is so then I will be able to take it.

I hope I didn’t over do it taking 4 classes but I just want to get this done. I knew my comp credit would be good for my A.S. I didn’t know if my Personal Finance would or not but it carried over as a elective. I needed 6 for the A.S, After this semester I will have 12 credits in Electives I will have two more I think. I am hoping they get the two I want to take. One is only in class and the other isn’t offered at all this term. She said they should offer it next term maybe it should be on line.


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