I read about this new call center opening in the city next to me. It isn’t really new I guess they have an office about 40 or so miles away from me, now they are opening this one that is only about 10 miles away. I decided to apply they had all positions open. I didn’t see anything open for the office next to me so I applied on line to some I thought were it. They turned out to be somewhere else.

Yesterday when looking at jobs I seen they posted for the jobs in the town next to me. It said to go to their site and reply, when I did all was listed was the ones farther away from me. I decided to email my resume to the person who posted the listing. I sent it told them I was interested in the positions they had open and the experience I had. That I was trying to apply for the new office but it wasn’t listed on the site listed in the posting. Asked if I should be looking under something different.

They responded and said that they on’y had phone positions open right now and that they would like to have me apply for that since I had experience. She said to apply to the one farther away they didn’t have the other one listed because it wasn’t open and that training was in the other office. The new office will be open in two to three weeks. She said to let her know when I finished the application.

I did the application and sent her the email. In a few minutes I got a call from someone telling me they open up something on line to go on and do their test.

I was in the middle of doing the test when they called. When I was done I emailed to let her know that I had also finished that part.

With in a hour or less I got a phone call telling me that they wanted me to come in on Tuesday for a welcome orientation and telling me about the job. Only thing I am a little worried about was he said it was for the other location. I told him how she told me it would be for the new one. He said he looked I applied to the other. I had to explain to him that I emailed been talking to the lady and our conversation. I thought of the ladies name and he seem to know who she was right away. She is one of the head ladies I guess. He said if I talk to her and that is what she told me to do then I would be in the new office and to make sure I told them that I talk to her when I came in Tuesday and let them know I was only there for the information/welcome meeting whatever they call it and training and then was to go to the new office once it open and who told me that.

The way he talked if I dress like I am supposed to and have my two forms of id I have the job. I know call centers will hire just about anyone willing to do the job and have high turnover rates. But I haven’t seen any openings for this one they have been around for awhile, and they train you pay for you to get your insurance license and background checks. So maybe better than others to work for I don’t know. I worked for another center for almost two years and even had them ask me to please come back after I quit and found another job. I figure it is something and the base pay is decent. I can do it until I move or something better comes along. They also have different companies and centers and things all over the place. I could maybe even transfer to somewhere else when I get ready to move if there is one close by where I am going.

Now I have to decide if I want to take this one if it is offered or go with the driving one if they call back. They both have pros and cons. I have to decide what one to take asap because the other guy said I should hear back early next week. I figure if I don’t hear form him Monday I will by Tuesday. The way this one talk I will know Tuesday when I leave if I have it and start the 24 th. I think they both have advantages in the long run as well.

The on I already interviewed for is $40 to $70 more pay off the top. I have company truck no driving my truck, paying gas wear and tear on it. It is Monday through Friday unless something happens. It’s salary and I get paid weekly. I would go in early so I would be off by mid afternoon. I be travelling around to different stores so seeing different people meeting new people things.

The draw back is I will be up and out of the house between 2 and 3 am. It is all driving all day for about 10 hours. Finding a sitter that can be at my house at that time of the morning.

The other job probably won’t start before 9 am, I would get my insurance license show more office type work,

It’s less pay, it’s tied to a phone all day, work until 9 pm most likely, probably have to work on Saturdays, wanted to know if your open to a varied 24/7 shift, I have to drive my own truck, be putting wear and tear on it buying the gas, sitter til 9 not much different than trying to find one to come at 2/3 am for me.

I have to figure out what one I am going to do before Monday and I start hearing back from people. I guess if I only hear back from one it will make it easier because I have to take whatever I can get at this point.

I also got a call about another job tonight. They did phone interview and said they would call back to set up for me to come in and talk to them. But it isn’t even a option if I get one of the above two. The lady from the daycare said she would be letting people know this coming week as well but I still take one of the above two instead. I also have been  applying for others every day as well.


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