{August 18, 2015}   Walking Yet Again

Went out yesterday to take care of some things only to end up walking home 10 minutes after leaving the house. I stopped to get gas in the front of the neighbourhood. I got back in the truck started it and stepped on the break to put it in gear, I noticed when I did it felt funny. But wasn’t really thinking about it. I pulled up to the stop so I could pull out on the street and when I stepped on my break it went to the floor. There is like a little hill or slope there so the truck stopped we didn’t roll into the road. I put it in park and tried the break a couple more times and nothing just air and straight to the floor.

I slowly backed up and got it over to the side into a space. There was no way I could drive it home even at that point. If I hadn’t been just barely rolling along it wouldn’t have stopped at all. I had to wait for it to stop on it’s own.  Thank god I had a stroller in the back for my little bitty. We walked over to the plaza to the part start to see how much parts were. We thought it was the master cylinder. They $139.99 and had to order it. I called around and got prices on the way home and found it way cheaper somewhere else. I just didn’t have away to get there. Well I called father of the year and told him the truck was stuck up there because I needed to get it out of there before it got towed by another company and I couldn’t get it back.

They let him go and pick it up after the call he was on and bring it home since it was only a few blocks away. When we got it here and checked it all out it is the main break line that runs the frame body. He bought the parts I was surprised and brought them over to fix it. Got it all together today and it is still doing the same thing. My friends husband came over and looked at it, he said the tool to flare the ends of the pipe was messed up so it didn’t do the flare right. He took the tool to trade it out for a new one since it is his. We can’t do that until tomorrow so now I am three days without my truck.I am so stressed I can’t call anyone about a job or go see about any if they call me because I have no ride. He was off today and tomorrow if it don’t get fixed tomorrow who knows when I will get it back.

I had to walk to the book store today to get a code and book for the classes I am taking. They started yesterday and I have stuff due by tomorrow evening. I was going to get them yesterday and that happen. Thank god it isn’t far. It only took me 25 minutes to walk up there get the stuff and walk home.

I am so tired of walking I just want it to be fixed and not have to worry about it any more. there is another one or two lines about to go on it as well. I don’t have money to get them. I paid the bills today and have nothing left. My friends said he had some line at the shop he is going to get and bring tomorrow when he brings the tool back so I don’t have to buy it. They have it laying around from other jobs they do because you have to buy it in sticks of so much.

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