{August 20, 2015}   Locked, Blocked, & Not Answering

Do you answer your door during the day if your home alone or with just your children if you have them?

Do you not only lock your door but block it at night when you go to bed?

Do you have something in your home for protection? Do you keep it by your door?

I am part of a few different mom groups on line and this has come up more than once and I was surprised by the answer. Then while talking to friends and family it has come up and they have said the something.

Most all who responded said that if they are home and their husbands are not home they do not answer the door if they don’t know who it is. We aren’t talking in the evening after dark the middle of the night nothing like that. We are talking in the morning or after noon. It don’t matter if it is a man or women. they just let them knock.

I found this to be very odd that so many people do not answer their door. It isn’t because they aren’t interested in what someone maybe selling or the fact they maybe asking for money. Their number one reason for not answering the door when their husbands were not home is because it could be someone just trying to get them to open the door so they can get in.

I understand wanting to be safe and protect your kids but I also feel there is a fine line between protective and paranoid.

No I do not answer the door every time someone knocks. There are times I let them knock and leave. About the only time I do not answer my door is if we are laying down. Then I don’t care who it is, I’m getting my little ones to sleep and trying to have a few minutes to recharge and get some things done. Other than that the only other times I haven’t answered it is because I knew who it was and didn’t want to deal with them or talk to them at the time. Other than that I tell them just a minute put the dogs away and answer or get a hold on the dogs so they don’t run and answer. I’ve never really thought twice about opening the door to see what someone wanted. Never have I thought oh they might try to come in. I mean I know it is a possibility but I don’t not answer my door because of it or assume that anyone that comes to my door that is what they are there for.

Thinking about it the only person I know of who didn’t answer there door when people came was my grandma when I was growing up. But we also lived down a little dirt road with only a handful of houses and most people didn’t know there were houses back there so I can kind of see her not answering to just anyone. But even then I thought it was odd.

When things like this have come up a few say they block their front door at night with a chair. Where you can put the back of a chair under the knob to make it hard for someone to open the door or keep them from opening it. First off that is why they have locks on doors. two that’s great if it makes you feel safer, but what about the other doors in your house? Most people have back doors and a lot have sliding glass doors. Three if they really want in even if you block all the door you have windows and windows break. So unless you have no other doors in your house ( I think that is fire code violation most places) or windows then your chair isn’t really much more help than the locks on the door. Now you have blocked your door or doors if you think to do them all. Now their is a fire every second counts you can hardly see and you have yourself and everyone else in the house to get out. Not only do you now have to get the door unlocked but now you have to get the chair wedged from under the knob. Worse yet there is a fire and your child can’t get to you but can get to a door and get out, can they undo the locks and get the chair out of the way?

Yes a fire might be over thinking a little just as blocking the door to keep people out is. But I think the likely hood of a fire is probably more than someone breaking into my house. I haven’t done research so I don’t know 100% on that. But for me and my family even with our crazy stalker person, I feel better knowing that if my kids needed to get out of my house in the middle of the night if they make it to a door they can get out without having to worry about a block I put there. I also feel safe to say that I don’t worry about someone coming in because I would hope I would hear them coming in but if I didn’t at least the dogs would know they were in and bark and things before they had time to get to where we were in the house and I would have time to get up and know something was going on.

When this topic comes up of course the topic of protection comes up. I can’t count how many people say I have something right beside my front door in case I need it. That might work if you are answering your door and someone comes in or tries to come in. But what good dose that do you if your across the room or in some other room of the house and someone walks in your front door? I know of two different people it did happen too. One was a guy who been drinking and just went in the wrong house the other was someone that the police was out searching for. The lady left her door unlocked didn’t know it he just tried the door and it open he walked in. It was middle of the night he probably thought she be sleeping or not home. She was sitting there watching tv. Either of those situations this person is now between you and the door your quickest way out of the house in that room and they are now between you and your protection. And my question is why do you need your protection by your front door if you don’t answer it to anyone that you don’t know anyway?

I understand wanting to have protection in the house in case because things do happen. But really think about where you keep it if you are that worried to start with. Once in awhile I will make sure I have something but when I do I keep it on me or close enough I can just reach over and pick it up without even getting up from where I am. That may be a few times a year if something has been going on with our crazy friend we haven’t been able to catch. Like when they turned my dog lose and had miss treated her and set off my alarm. Then yes I feel that there is something going on and good possibility someone is trying to or may try to get into my home. I’m not going to sit there blindly and wait to see what happens if they do. I also don’t feel that my dog is going to protect me if they get in. Because just like us dogs are living breathing things that can be injured or killed easily and lets face it if they know you are home and still coming in and know you have a dog and could have a gun or anything else. They are set to do something to someone when they get in an it isn’t to give them the publishers clearing house check, it’s to hurt someone. If they don’t care to hurt someone do you really think they are going to care what they do to your dog? I don’t think so. I don’t count on my dog to protect us I know they will let me know something is wrong and they would try to but may not be able to. I think a lot of people have a false since of security with dogs in that thinking.

Over all 98% of the time I am not worried about having protection close or thinking about protection where it is. I don’t feel that I have to think that everyone that comes to my door maybe out to busting in and doing who knows what. Don’t they say that a lot of people who break in homes to steal stuff come to the door and knock to see if anyone is home before they break in if they can’t tell if they are or not? There for by not answering your door and acting as if you are not home are you not then putting yourself at higher risk of them thinking your not home and trying to break in? Where as if you just answer the door they see your home they come up with some bullshit excuse for knocking and move on to the next house. Just like the recording of the little boy who didn’t answer his door a few weeks ago because he was home alone. the guys thought no one was home and broke in, he hide in the closet and called the police. They seen him before he knew the police was there the guy ran out they had the house surrounded. Not saying kids should answer the door when no one is home because no I do not think kids should ever answer the door if they are alone. But just using it as an example of people knocking not getting an answer and there for going ahead and breaking in.

I know things are bad or worse different in some areas than others and some people have good reason to be worried. But over all for so many people from all different areas to be so scared to answer their door in the middle of the day just seems so crazy to me. Maybe to because it is just me and the kids and if I didn’t answer the door because my “husband” wasn’t here my door would never be answered. But I just couldn’t believe how many people really don’t answer their doors and feel that unsafe. I have never really felt that unsafe in a area and I have lived in some not so great areas.

I also found it very amusing that the same people who think that I live in a bad area and wouldn’t live here and talk about how good or nice of a area they live in, are the same ones who feel that the locks on their doors aren’t enough and block them at night as well. If the area is so nice and such a good area to live in why do you feel so unsafe in your own home?

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