{August 26, 2015}   Feel Like A Kid In A Candy Store

Is it crazy that I am so excited as I pick out the kids curriculum for this year? Last year we did unit studies I printed off line and some on line stuff. This Year I am buying their stuff with lessons and lesson plans already put together. We just open and start learning. I am so happy that my son got his scholarship and I am finally able to use it. After tons of research and pouring over everything I have decided on the biggest parts of what we will be learning I think.

We are going to be using a set called Sonlight, it will cover History, Bible, Language Arts, Vocabulary, Reading and I am also getting Science from them. It just comes in it’s own pack you buy extra.

I was really excited when I seen what I clicked on for Science. I was just looking at the age range on them and trying to decide what age range I wanted to start with. I picked one that looked like it fit a good age range and grade range for the kids. When I open it to see what it covered I didn’t even have to look at any others, I knew it was what we would be using this year. We will be learning about Health, Medicine and Human Anatomy. I had been looking at unit studies and things to teach about the human body. But I wanted to go into more detael than what most cover. This covers everything I wanted to cover and breaks it down just about the way I was looking at breaking it down.

I like it to because it isn’t just giving them a text book and tell them to read a chapter and do questions at the end. It is about 65 different books between the two sets that they will be reading and doing their lessons from. I just hope it last them the year because of the way they read. I figure with having to stop and do the lessons it should slow them down at least a little I hope. It’s nice because both kids will use the same two sets for the year they are put together to work with age and grade ranges. With them only being 20 months apart makes it easy to school them together. I don’t think my big boy will have a problem doing the work or keeping up but if he dose he can always work at his pace and she can keep working at hers. If it takes him two years to do the set that is ok too.

They are excited as I am to get started. I can’t order for a couple of weeks. I am going to see if father of the year can order it and I can go ahead and get it on its way because we like to start the day after labor day. They will let you order and make payments if he is able to do that then I can pay it off in couple weeks when I get money. I would just let him pay for it since he isn’t doing anything else but if I do that and he messes it up and don’t pay for it or something I will have a mess. I want to be able to order from them again later.

I can’t wait for them to get it and start I know they can’t they have been asking. I think this year is going to be a good year.

Then I think wow this is what life has become, I am excited over ordering curriculum to teach my kids at home instead of sending them to school. When did this happen? Private school and home school were two things I was never going to do. Private schools just seem to shelter and coddle the kids to much and home school was even more sheltered than private school kids. We have now ran the course of all three and I don’t know if we will ever go back to either of the first two. God sure open my eyes up and showed me.

I almost forgot I bet you are all going where is the math don’t they need to learn math and maybe some spelling. Of course they do and they are going to be. We decided to go with life of Fred for math and all about spelling for spelling.

I can’t wait to decide what to use for my two little ones yet. That will come in the next day or two.


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