{August 28, 2015}   Foreign Language

I want the kids to learn a foreign language so I have been trying to figure out what to teach them or to let them pick. I want them to learn sign language I know. My big boy knows some and we have learned some together as well. But we still don’t know enough to really use it. Last night I was thinking about it again my son wants to learn Chines, I have no idea what my daughter wants to learn yet. My two little ones at this point will learn whatever we pick or if the older two do two different ones then they can pick one of them. I started thinking what if I did a different one every two years with them. Maybe not focused so much on reading it and writing it but learning to really speak it and understand it. My two little ones could learn 3 to 5 by the time they made it to high school age. My older two could probably learn two. I figure then when they reach high school age they could pick the one they really liked and we could work more on reading, writing and all that part. Maybe with my two older ones they could pick another they wanted to study and study it for the 4 years to learn it all. My younger two would probably have one they really liked since they will have picked studied more by the time they get to high school. If not they could pick one and study it for 4 as well to learn it all. I think it is grate to learn to speak at least more than one. I figure we never know where our kids will end up or decide to do in life and learning them now might just help them out. Everyone keeps saying oh teach them Spanish its the mail one everyone speaks. But I want them to learn something they want to learn.

I want to learn German, Spanish and sign Language. He wants to learn Chines and Spanish I who know what my oldest will want to learn. Hopefully the two older ones will agree on something together they like. The two little one don’t care they will go with the flow and learn whatever the rest are learning.

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