Today me and the kids went out to go take my mom to the doctor and I was going to stop on the way back so we could have lunch. My grandma was there and my big girl figured it would be nice us all to go together. I sold my massage table and the stuff to go with it so I had little bit of money. I’m going down the high way I get maybe 3 or 4 miles from her house and probably only about a mile from father of the years shop he works for. I wrecked my truck I don’t know how I didn’t know how me or the other car did not roll.

I was going down the street in the outside lane because I was coming up on my turn not to far up the street. I seen something to the side of me on the left I glanced over for just a split second to see what it was. When I looked back there was another SUV about the size of mine stopped in front of me. I tried to stop and knew I was going to rear end him so I just swerved to the right. There is a sidewalk there and then a driveway for a office. I passed the truck I was trying to miss and slammed into the side of a BMW. It sent it sliding and spun him into some cable box or phone box that was on the side of the road. I came to a stop right in the side of him. There were two guys in the car. The air bags on one side went off. I started to call 911 but I looked beside me on the street and there was a undercover cope stopped with his lights on. I tried to open my door and it wouldn’t open. I still do not know how I got out of my truck, I remember turning looking at the passenger side door and thinking I needed to get across and get out the next thing I remember was seeing two guys running from out of the office we were at asking me if I was ok and everything. I hear my little bitty crying. I knew they were ok just scared I was trying to get to the people in the car I hit and check on them they couldn’t get out of the car. My truck was against one door and there was a pole on the other side. They came with in an inch or so of hitting the pole so he couldn’t open his door to get out either. They had it open enough we could hear each other one of the guys who came out of the office was there with me they said they were ok.

I went back to my truck to get the kids out and as I walked around I walked into my big boy he had gotten out. I got him fro beside the road. The guys were asking me something about the kids and said something about just the two. I remember saying no no I have three there are three with me, he was saying where are they we just see the two and hearing my little one crying they were trying to get her out. I told them he was in the back seat in the middle in his car seat I guess they hadn’t looked back trying to check on the two they seen and make sure they could get them out. I went around the truck to the side I could move the seat and get to him by the time I could get around there there was someone in there getting him out. He was all upset because he lost his shoe somewhere in there and couldn’t find it.  I took them over in front of the office and told them to sit on the sidewalk so they weren’t by the cars or on the side of the busy highway. The guy said oh it’s ok they can go inside, I had no idea what kind of office it was or anything. I open the  door and there was just a few desk with computers and the rest just an empty space. I told them to go sit by the wall and not to get up and mess around or be loud. The man said there was a conference room with a table and things they could go in there sit down and told them where water was told them to get some water if they wanted.

I went to go back outside the cop had gotten out and more were getting there. The guy said don’t worry they can stay in there we won’t let them go outside. I went back out the guys had crawled out the sunroof to get out of the car. The one guy said his arm was sore and bruised, one of them broke their glasses. While I was getting the kids settled down inside I called my mom told her I wasn’t coming and what happen. I called my best friend’s husband that works at the same shop with father of the year, I could’t get him. I told him I needed him to have them radio him and let him know we were in a accident and told him to ask the boss to please send someone to pick my truck up and take it to my house for me. He said here’s the boss talk to him let him know what is you need where you are. He told him we were in a accident.

I think they thought I wanted them to send him out there. I wasn’t asking them to send him. I was asking them to just let him know and if he was busy or wasn’t the one out on this side to please send who was out on this side to get my truck before the police called and had it picked up. When the police call and have it picked up you never know who is up on rotation and they take it right to impound yard. When it is a police call you pay for the trucks travel out to the car more for hook up the trip to the yard and then impound fees. Since the police call them out there it cost three times as much as if you just called and had it picked up yourself. If I called it in with them myself it is a lot cheaper for me because they just charge me a flat rate not mileage and all that. They sent father of the year to get it. He was out on this side. When I walked out to talk to the police first thing he asked me when I walked up was if I had one tow company over the other I would rather them call. Most the time they just call don’t ask. They are supposed to just go down the list and call the next on the list and cycle through. I was surprised but I told him my ex drove tow truck for this company and he was on his way to come and get it. The other guy said that the on star people had called one for him. I wanted to tell him it would be cheaper for him to call his own but dint’ want to make the cop mad but then he said that so the cop said ok he wasn’t calling anyone then.

The guy I hit ask me if the truck had 4 wheel drive and if it worked. I told him it did it worked as far as I knew i had never used it. He wanted to know if we could try to move it because the tow truck was coming. I told him yeah but I didn’t know if it would move because before we got the kids out and everything the guys from the office asked if it would start and if I could move it back to try and open the door for the guys to get out. I told them yes for one of them to just move it I didn’t care I didn’t want to get back in it. I was so shook up. It was stuck it wouldn’t move. Then the guy wanted to kick the 4 wheel drive in and try to move it. I hadn’t thought about it and I guess the guy trying to move it hadn’t’ either. I said yeah we can try it. The cop said no, he said this is a very top heavy truck and I’m afraid if we go trying to move it and trying to force it out it’s going to just roll over the way it is sitting. He told him it had to wait until the tow trucks got there and let them figure out and get them out of there. I really wasn’t worried about it rolling over I at first when we were moving and everyone hit and sliding I was because there like a hill you go down into the drive. But once it stopped we were parked or whatever I felt it was stable. I had gotten in and out of it a few times to get information for the cops and things.

They asked if we needed to go to the hospital everyone was ok I told them no. They asked if we needed medics to come out and check me or the kids. I told them I felt they were fine it had been a while and they were acting fine and not complaining about anything. When I went in once the guys showed me where my little guy had on his collarbone and neck where the strap to the seat belt had got scratched it and bruised it. But he wasn’t saying anything hurt or anything. The other kids were fine. My little bitty told the cop when we were leaving she hurt her teeth, I seen two little lines on her lip on either side. I think she must have had her finger in mouth and the bottom ones came up and nicked them or something. Nothing horrible. I felt so sick the cop was there in the room taking the kids names and all the information down I started feeling really sick. Then the next thing I know I look up and there are a ton of medics all standing in the door of the room we were standing in. Couple talked to the boys why I was talking to the cops. The cop told them to check me because I said I felt sick, I was asking to go to the bathroom, the guy said I will find a trash can or something. I was thinking I don’t want to sit here and puke in these peoples trash can in front of everyone I just need go bathroom. I just sat there in the chair didn’t move and answered their questions. the cop said something about being sick I told him it was just nerves and being upset. They checked the kid said they seemed fine and ask if i wanted anyone to be taken to the hospital. I told them no so I had to sign paper work for them. It would have been crazy to have them take us to the hospital if we did need or want to go unless we were just really badly hurt we were right across the street from the hospital. Not the one I would use but the one they would take us too. Unless it was like someone really hurt life death needed to go right now I would have taken them myself if I felt they needed to go so I could have taken them to a better hospital. The accident I was in when the guy hit me I took myself because I knew where they were going to take me and when I had bleeding when I was pregnant with my 2nd I called 911 because the doctor said if I had bleeding I needed to be brought by them. I argued with them until they took me to the other one I was a few blocks from the one I was by today. But they have a horrible history. They killed a friend of mine, had to go there while pregnant with my little bitty this time and they told me she looked great on the ultra sound they did. When my doctor looked at it she wasn’t there was problems. They have so few people that go to that one anymore they have closed a bunch of floors and laid off a bunch of people. They are always looking for new doctors because none stay. there is no way I would let them take my kids somewhere like that.

Oh and after everyone is out and the kids are sitting in this room at this office and we are in and out of it for what seems like ever I look up and the guys from the car where in the office now. I thought the cops had them come in figure they were going to have us all sit there at the table and fill out or sign the paper work it had started to rain outside. Nope the one or maybe both are the owners of this company. But I have to say when I went up to the car I figured the guy was going to freak out and be mad but he wasn’t. The guys in the office were as nice as they could be and help in trying to make sure the kids were ok and getting them out letting them come in and sit away from the road helping check them out make sure they were ok. Even when they guys came in that were in the car they were really nice and acted as if it was no big deal. He just said things happen that’s what insurance is for. We got all done and were able to leave, he was standing there by the door, father of the year had my truck on the tow truck and was up in it trying to get the car seats for the kids out and everything. The guy out of the other car said man its a really good thing you were in that truck having those kids with you. He said if you been in a car…he said that truck your sitting on a big solid chassis. I said yeah I know, everyone says get a mini van or a car but with 4 kids and two in car seat it just isn’t safe. He said no keep a truck your in the right thing. Father of the year said when he went back to winch his car out and tow it to the shop for him his wife was there and said she was really nice was asking if everyone was ok and things. Said they asked a few times if sure everyone was ok. Said the guy said he wasn’t worried about it he was use to dealing with accidents and things all the time. I didn’t know it but they own a big trucking company. Their yard is south of there this is there office they dispatch the truckers out of and things.

I called my best friend’s hubby back because he was trying to call me when I was talking with the police and in the bathroom being sick. He said he was taking off and coming to pick me and the kids up and take us home. He came he ended up taking us to my moms house and we stayed there with her and my grandma for a while until father of the year got a break and was able to get us back home. We needed stuff from the store and wanted to make sure no one had any problems and needed to go to the be checked out before i got here and was stuck with no car.

I am pretty sure the car is totaled, I figured my truck was too since I couldn’t get my doors open and as hard as I hit the other car. I have the big winch out or tow hooks on the front of my truck and one on the driver side stuck a whole in the door of the car, it bent it all down. I need to replace the grill, all the lights, the hood is rolled down on the front driver side corner, the finder on the driver side front is rippled, the finder on the passenger side is scuffed and has some damage and the bumper is tore up. Father of the year said he smelled coolant so we have to figure out where it is coming from. When I got home tonight he looked at it I think it is worse than they thought they were saying it wasn’t totaled but I am not so sure now. Father of the year looked more tonight and the frame is got a little bit of a spot in it behind the front tire on the driver side. I think it is right where that hook is there in the front that is what took the brunt of the impact when we hit. He says it isn’t bad enough to be considered unsafe and totaled. But I thought if there was any frame damage it was totaled no matter what. I have to call some body shops tomorrow and see if I can get it in to one have them look at it and see if that is the only spot and what they say about it. If it is the only spot and there isn’t motor damage or anything like that I will probably just unhook the bumpers and move them forward try to fix what damage is on them the best I can for now, line the hood back up and use it. Then go to the junk yard try to get the lights, grill, and bumper for it and put it on. I know my friends hubby can do it and father of the year helped in a body shop for a while so he knows some about it. Worse case I will have to call my grandpa and have him come up and help with it. Between him and my friends hubby they should be able to get it fixed and safe again. It just won’t look to nice until I can replace the fenders probably. I don’t have insurance to cover damage to my vehicle so I have to pay it all out of pocket. I just got the kids both brand new car seats a month or two ago and now I have to get two more new ones. I know the straps where under a lot of strain by the marks and things on the kids.

I just got my money to cover all the bills had a little extra to do a little something for the boys for their birthdays, I need a new computer because mine is about to quit and refuse to work anymore. Half the time it dose not pick up inter net signal, I can’t use it for part of my school stuff like I need to, the dog chewed the cord in half. I had the cord spliced back together but it stopped working. Now I use father of the years cord because he never uses his computer he always uses his phone. I can’t take his and use it because it is just as old as mine. Mine is a dinosaur at like 7 years old. I was going to get me new glasses because when I moved out of the last house I put them on the window why I was moving beds I didn’t want to break them. I forgot them and turned the key in. I called and ask them to please have someone get them when they went over to do the walk through or show it not even to make a special trip I would wait. They wouldn’t, I know they were there because I went back and looked in the window to see if they were still there and they were. They wouldn’t get them and give them to me. That was almost two years ago. I had been doing ok but now doing all my school on the computer I am having a really hard time seeing. It is taking me twice as long to do my work because I have to keep going back and double checking, sqinting to even see some of the stuff. I blow it up to like 125 to 175 to see it better but then I have to shrink it back to do what I need to do and see everything together on the page. Some of my stuff I have to work in a program and I’m not able to blow it up or can’t figure out how if you can. But the things I have to do and the way it works I don’t think I could work in it even if I blow it up.  Now I guess I will be getting new car parts to patch my truck up so that I can drive it.

I am so sore my back all over where I hurt it before is bothering me from being jerked around, my head is hurting, I pulled something in my left leg by the bend of it some how. The rest of my leg from the knee down feels swollen and sore across the top of my foot hoots. I don’t know what I did to it. I just hope it didn’t mess my back up even more. Mom said I need to go get checked but I really don’t know why, there isn’t anything they can do. I just want to get in my bed crawl under the cover, relax and go to sleep. It’s one of them nights it would be nice to have someone to curl up with and have that comforted.


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