{September 20, 2015}   The Bitch Again

I guess on the phone wasn’t enough he had to come over and start Thursday night. I told him if he was doing his part I would have money to pay someone to fix my truck and not need to ask him to but if he wasn’t going to pay then he needed to do something. He jumped up at me and over me started screaming about what my little bitty’s dad pays and how he pays nothing. I reminded him that I had been to get her dad to help but that I couldn’t because we were still married and that he wouldn’t move so they wouldn’t do anything until we are divorced they don’t want to help me. He kept on I told him fine I was going to go back and I was going to tell them that I not only wanted to go after little bitty’s dad but I was going after him for the other three. I don’t care how much money he is or isn’t making, what he can or can’t pay or if he has a place to live any more because he can’t do anything at all for his kids even if he has money he can’t do anything for their birthday, Christmas, school, clothes, shoes or other extra things that they want to do because he don’t budget and don’t care. He freaked out go ahead I don’t care I want you too. I’ll just tell them fuck you and not pay like everyone else dose, they aren’t going to do anything to me.

Sad part is he is probably right or if they do it will take years just like it will to get help with my little bitty from her dad. I really was going to take some of the extra money I had and get a lawyer to help me with my divorce and an investigator to help me find her dad. That way I could take it to court myself. If I know where he is I can do it myself. It isn’t as hard with him as it is with farther of the year because we have nothing filed or anything on paper anywhere. With father of the year everything being filed and him stopping it now I need things changed it’s been so long and I need to file contested since he is going to try and fight it or stop it again because he don’t want it.

He went to work Friday and was supposed to get off right after he turned his paper work in to take my truck to the shop, get tags on the other truck and take care of couple other things since they wanted him to work the weekend. I asked him that night your sure your coming straight here first things because we need some stuff from the store like milk and lunch stuff so the kids can have breakfast and lunch. I hadn’t been shopping since the accident. He was coming no matter what he was going to tell them he had to have off to take care of things. 11 am rolls around and I haven’t heard from him or seen him. kids are wanting to eat and things. I call him and finally get him on the phone. He says oh he been busy with work he got call before he ever got to go in that morning. But he had made it in so that wasn’t the problem. Then he said he told them he needed to go do this stuff but no one ever said anything or told him when he could take off and do it. That he was just going to be off the weekend he guess. Knowing all along when he is telling me this he isn’t going to be because they have no one to work it and that he isn’t going to tell them no he isn’t working the weekend. I got mad we got into it, he said well he had this call and another and blah blah to go take care of and then he was going to talk to them about it again so he could do it today. At the time is was almost 11:30 he wouldn’t have been done until after 2. He knows the tag place he can’t get in after 3 and that the body shop would be closed by the time he got done there if he made it in and if he tried to go to the body shop before he wouldn’t make it to the tag place. He was just trying to get out of doing it.

Something was said again about the truck he was supposed to be tagging and things. It is my old truck I have driven for the last 5 years or more that I stopped driving right before I got this one because it broke down. I was so done and over hearing one excuse after another I finally said fine you do whatever you want to do when and how you want to do it. But if my truck is not at the body shop before they close and that truck is not tagged and on the road before they close today, I am taking that truck and selling it to pay to fix my truck so that me and the kids have something safe and reliable to drive. The title is still in my name it is still my truck. All I had to do is go to the tag office and get a title since had has the other one where ever he has it. All legal we are married and until he puts it in his name it is is mine. Oh boy I don’t know if I have ever heard him so mad because he knew I could and would do it, he knew how mad I was. It wasn’t 20 minutes and he was standing at my door ready to take my truck to the body shop and then going to get the tag for the other truck. Now I just have to wait until they call and say it has been pulled so I can pick it up. Then to figure out what I am doing for parts for sure and get it done.

Then up over me yelling the other night telling me how I’m not working, I’m lazy and not trying to find a job and blow off interviews. One I have put in 100’s of resumes and a ton of applications when I get called back. I have them all right where I can show I sent them. I have went to every interview but one and that was because I could not do the job when they told me what it was. And if I get a job I can’t afford to pay all of the daycare by myself. If I have to pay daycare it will be just about what I make in a week if not more. He says so what do you want me to do about it? really get off your ass be a man and help take care of your kids. But that is to much to ask I know.

I don’t get why I have to be such a bitch and find stuff to threaten him with to get him to even half ass do what he is supposed to do. I can only imagine what he went inside and told them at work the other day. He was so mad he threw his phone and broke it so he has none now. He keeps saying yeah for $20 I can get a new one. He has needed a new one for months now but never seems to have $20 to get it. Now he has no option but to buy a new one because his will do nothing now. I know he is thinking I’m going to say oh here is $20 go get a new phone pay me back when you can or whatever. Nope not happening do without like we do because your sorry ass don’t do what you are supposed too. He already owes me $400, plus all the money he should be paying to help with the kids and the things they need.

He probably went inside and said the bitch is going to take my truck out there and sell I have to go to the tag office and get the title in my name before she sells it this weekend. She’s so fucking lazy and won’t work don’t have no money so she is going to sell it to get money to fix her truck. Leaving out the part that I should have money to fix it but don’t because I am paying his part and mine for the last 6 months or more. How he has left it sit for over a week and refused to take the fender off and drive it around the corner or throw it on the back of the truck and take it over there. How he owes me other money as well almost enough to get all the parts I need and my sister money that he don’t bother to try and pay back. So I have every right to sell it and get what I can out of it to help with things here or fixing my truck. How it was my truck and I gave it to him.

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