{October 9, 2015}   Walking Around In A Fog

Haven’t been on in a little bit, I haven’t been feeling that good. I have logged on to post then just log back out. I just feel like I am walking around in a fog lately. I keep forgetting things, can’t focus, feel so sleepy all the time. I sit down and try to do my school stuff and I read it three or four time and still have no clue what it says. I really messed up with two classes and my mid term. I don’t know how I done it I am on top of it and have a lot of my stuff done and ready to turn in ahead of time. I some how missed doing two classes of work. It was like I’m not even taking classes I never thought about needing to do school work or test coming up. Most the time I am doing work off and on through out the day every day. Yesterday I sat down and logged in for the first time in days and seen I had two mid terms that were due and they had to be done today or I would fail the class. I went and took them back to back. It is not like I am doing a bunch of other stuff and forgetting it I’m not. I just don’t think of it I’m sitting here doing nothing. Well not nothing most the time I am trying to hold my eyes open because I have been so sleepy no matter how much I sleep or coffee I drink. Tuesday my family was here for the boys birthday dinner my poor niece ask me for a drink like 5 times. I say ok walk around the corner into the kitchen and stand there be like what am I supposed to be doing then start doing something else. I come back through and she would ask if I got her drink. I just say I’m getting it let I needed to do this fast then I can get it. Sitting here talking to the kids I get in the middle of saying something and just stop because I have no clue what I was saying or can’t get it out.

I am starting to think it is from the accident. I felt ok after it I did get sick why we were there waiting for the police to do paperwork and let us go, but that was it I felt ok after that. Just shook up with all that happen to be expected. It all felt unreal or like a dream. I figured I feel fine the next day. I haven’t I just feel like it’s getting worse not better. I remember about two weeks after it happening having a really bad day and just not being able to wake up it seemed like. I got up with the kids and sat down on the couch I fell a sleep, sat down here at the desk to check on school stuff and couldn’t I had to lay down. I was supposed to be somewhere that night I knew I had something that day to do and could not think for the life of me what it was. I thought of it a few days later. My head hurts all the time. Right now I just want to go lay down and go to sleep and sleep for days. It is only 10 pm and I sleep in really later today, I should not want to be sleeping right now. But I felt like I wanted to go back to bed when I got up and it hasn’t changed just got worse. I don’t even like to drive right now and not because of what happen, just because I feel like I can’t focus. I was going to the body shop yesterday have lived here all my life pass it all the time, I had to stop and figure out where I was and if I passed. I knew I had passed it and needed to turn around and someone said no we hadn’t gotten to it yet. I was looking for a place to turn around. I hope it’s nothing and I start to feel better soon. I need to be able to do my school work, stuff around the house, drive and take care of the kids. I can’t do that sleeping all the time. I don’t think I felt this sleepy when I had mono and was trying to get over it. So much to catch up on here but I will have to do it later when I am feeling more up to it. It took me sitting down two different times to get this finished. That’s why I have been MIA

{October 2, 2015}   After Market Parts

I didn’t get my truck back until last Friday and still have not gotten parts for it yet. I found all the parts and was going to order them. That was all fine and great until I got the truck back then I’m told that I shouldn’t put after market fenders on it that they aren’t made as good as the factory ones and won’t be as safe if something was to happen. I started asking around and all the guys are telling me no they wouldn’t use them and that they will drive the value of the truck way down.

Now here I sit searching for parts. They do not have to be parts off of that truck or even that year there is like a 6 or 7 year span and about 4 or 5 different models I can get the parts off of and they will still work with mine. I have checked with every junk yard in our county and wow we have a lot for no bigger than we are. They don’t have them. I have checked with the ones in the counties around us and they don’t have it. I even got so desperate I called the one yard here that father of the years company owns and asked as much as I hate to deal with them and the thought of giving them my money. They had one truck but the fenders are rusted on it so that won’t work. Other than that I can’t even find any in a yard. It isn’t even like places are saying we have the trucks but we don’t know what parts are left on them you have to come and look, or we have some out there but not your parts. They flat don’t have one of any of them any year in the yard. I have went on line and looked at the list of vehicles they have in stock there isn’t one there. I keep thinking I need to go look but what good is it going to do me to waste me gas and time to run around and go look when I am calling and looking on line and they have nothing?

The one place I called said oh no I don’t have anything out there that will work you don’t see them in yards to often they are not trucks people let go of and a lot of people want them if they do they snatch them up and they fix them.

I have gotten so desperate I have started messaging everyone I know who may know someone or come across someone and asked them if they know of anywhere or anyone because I need these parts and to put my truck back on the road right away.

What really sucks is there is a guy that live right in the same condo’s as my mom and sister who has one that has been sitting for almost 3 years that I know of. It needs a ton of electrical work. the wiring has been chewed all out of it. The guy isn’t going to do anything with it he says it isn’t worth fixing. The body is in great shape just a different color no big deal. But he still owes on it he told the place what happen and I guess he hasn’t been paying on it but they haven’t come and picked it up either so he is just leaving it sit.

I found one the same color as mine on craigslist the guy listed it month or more ago. He is saying he wants to sell the front clip for $1000 or truck for $1600. But what he is calling the front clip is not the front clip and when I am asking him for parts I need he is telling me it isn’t there. But if he has the whole truck or all the front click like he says it has to be there. I tried to get him to sell me just the fenders and bumper but he never emailed me back. Then Father of the year seen it and text him he told him no he wanted to sell it all together. I seen he posted it again the other day so I text him and just started asking questions he said he had someone that wanted the hood if they still did he would sell me the fenders and bumper. That was yesterday and he still haven’t told me anything. I text him tonight and told him I had cash in hand would like to pick up in the morning if he was interested in still selling I needed to know and how much. He never text me back so I guess he don’t want to sell it like he says.

I found one on line but they have a bunch of parts listed but not the fenders. In the picture the fenders look good so I don’t know if they are just gone or what. I tried to email them ask them about it but they are not taking emails. I have to call them tomorrow. They are all the way in NC but it said on line they were doing free shipping so I am hoping they have the fenders just hadn’t gotten them listed yet or something and are willing to sell them to me for a good price. But I don’t know because they want $300 for the bumper. I called the dealer today and they wanted $244 each fender and $500 for the bumper. I know the yards around here are getting between $115 and $150 a fender. I be willing to give them $300 for the two if they are willing to ship it to me since they are the right color and if they are in as good shape as they look to be in the picture.

I if this guy dose not text me back and these people in NC don’t have it I don’t know what I am going to do. I can’t keep driving the other truck it needs work and it isn’t going to hold up much longer I fear. It isn’t all that safe for us to be riding around in the work it needs done. We only go where we have to go or just a block up the road to the store if we need something. I don’t know how people who decide to not have a car do it. I am so use to getting up and going when I need to go and not having to plan it around the bus walking or someone else taking me. I am willing to give up and go without a lot of things but a ride is one that I just can’t not have. It is my one thing that I can’t go without.

I have even thought about just getting the after markets leaving them black and then getting factory ones the first of the year. But that is going to cut into my money to move and i have to move. I just don’t know what to do.

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