{November 12, 2015}   10/26-11/6 Whirlwind

The last few weeks have been pretty good. I started a job on the 26th of October. I had to take a week class for it, the 5 th  I went and took my state board. I passed it the first time with a 83%. Most everyone was shocked there are a few 100 people or more and most have had to take it two or three times before they pass and most have only gotten 70 some percent if or when they passed. A guy from the job called me Wednesday after I went home and was asking where I was at on the course and if I had taken the three test you take before you go to sit for the board. I told him yes that I was going the next day to take the test. He heard what I had scored on my other test and that I had only took it once he said he wanted to talk to me after I took my board test. He said if I passed it to come talk to him. He said they have a fast track class coming up on the 9th that they wanted to put me in. He said it sounded like I would do good in that class. Training classes are 6:30 am to 3 pm or 3:30 pm to 12 am. Then your shifts are anywhere from I think 6 am to 9 pm. I told him that would be great I would like to do that and get to work as soon as I could. I ask if it would be days or nights and told him that I have 4 kids to find a sitter for and to take in and out at midnight when I got done. That I really needed days. He said ok he would put me in days. Then he said well I can’t say that I will have to talk to the boss he decided that. He said but if you pass your board take this class and help us out you shouldn’t have to worry about working nights we will take care of you. I went took my test and stopped back in and told them I passed. I went to talk to him and he was in a meeting on a call and was going to be a few hours. I went and talked to the big boss he said he was going to go talk to. I told him that he had called and told me they wanted to put me in this class and things. The boss said well that class will start Monday and run through the weekend and sometime next week straight. The weekend will come in later get off a little later. I told him that wasn’t a problem at all. That I needed to be on days what the other guy said he said ok and put me in days. They told me to make sure I went and had my finger prints done for the background check today and that I was off until Monday. Boy it is going to suck being there at 6:30 am but I need to be off in the evening with the kids. If didn’t have them I would have took a night shift. I really like the job, it’s selling health insurance so I had to get my licences but they have paid for the class, test background and the license so I can’t complain. I wanted to get an office position or trainer but they were full. They just opened this office a month ago. I just want to get in there do really good and move up as quick as possible. One guy who was taking the class with me said his wife went in did the training in three days took the test the 4th and passed with a 87 and they took her straight and gave her an office job. Right now I think they are all full but I have seen a few I don’t know how they are going to work out the way they come in dressed and teaching the wrong stuff. I think the trainers teaching the wrong thing is a big reason so many people are failing the first time and the second too because they keep going back and taking classes and asking these trainers when they aren’t understanding stuff. As long as they are giving wrong information they are going to keep failing. The one trainer I think wasn’t to happy with me the other day when I was getting ready to go take my state class, I was sitting in why he was going over a couple of the chapters a few things he said I was like isn’t it this way? He said no it’s like this because of this or that. I say but what about x, y or z he dance around it with something that didn’t make any since then go on or say same thing I just got done saying with a bunch of stuff that had nothing to do with what we were talking about and act like I was wrong. I seen a few of the other women in the class look at him and look at me then he would ask a question or something and everyone would be saying different things and they would ask me what I thought the answer was or what it was. He cut off everyone and then go into this is the answer and this is why and moving on. One of the other ladies from the office came in and started talking to me. I told her I was going to take my test and she asked why I was even there and told me to go home relax eat and go take my test. She said you don’t need to be here going over all this right now you need to relax and rest until your test not stress about it. I told her I’m not stressed being there didn’t matter either way she told me go ahead and go. I went got my stuff and took her my time sheet to sign off on. She said I’m not forcing you to leave if you really want to stay you can but I think you know this and are going to do fine. She said I don’t want you to study so much you start mixing things up or confusing yourself. I said nope that’s fine I didn’t really see a need to be here but he said I should so I did. They want me here I show up. The test was about 20 or so miles farther south of where we were and I live about 15 north of where we were. I figured it was a waste of time to go home and have to turn right around and go right back. I went ahead and headed down to where I had to take my test. I wanted to make sure it was where I was thinking and they hadn’t moved since I had been there about 7 years ago. Then I went to this little dinner that was in the same plazze it was in. I had a salad and glanced through my papers at somethings I wasn’t sure about and studied the one test that we took on paper then went and took my test. I think it took me about an hour and half to do all of it, but I marked a handful of questions on each half to go back and look at at the end of each part. Then I went back and looked at a few I hadn’t even marked. Some of them were a little confusing the way they were worded and the way the question is worded. Then there are a few that are wrong because the laws have changed and they have not changed the test yet. The main problem was that it seemed like Jeopardy when I was talking it, The questions that were on the three test that I had taken at work were now the answers and the answer was the question. I knew the answer but with it being asked that way and them throwing in extra unneeded information on top of it I had to really read and reread it.

I have finally got my truck back on the road after a month and half of it being down. It looks good with the new grill and headlights. There are a few other problems that I am going to have to take care of now. I think the fan clutch is going out and for some reason the plastic around the fan is to close to it. It was really bad before I had the frame pulled but it looked good after that. The frame is good but I am thinking that maybe something else to do with the fan got bent as well. I have to get someone else to look at it. Father of the year isn’t making any since in what he is saying. I am going to see if my friend can look at it if I find time to get it to the shop he works at.

The kids are doing pretty good with me going back to work for the most part. My little one cries sometimes when I leave her but she stops right away and has fun the rest of the day. I just have to get schooling and things worked out. I have been putting dinner in the crock pot and putting it on before I go to work or having father of the year stop and put it on about lunch time depending how long it needs to cook. He lets the dogs out. That way me and the kids can eat when we get home it isn’t late.

Wednesday night I had to take my grandma to the hospital about the time I sat down and tried to study for my test the next day. They ended up keeping her and running a bunch of test on her before they decided to. I never got to study and didn’t get any sleep hardly. I had to come home as soon as we got there why they were checking her in because father of the year got a call. He wasn’t supposed to be out and shouldn’t have had one. But like always when the one guy works he always calls and has some excuse that he can’t go out after 8 or 9 at night. Or he gets a call with a car in the water or a flat and all of a sudden he needs help or someone else to go do it because he don’t want to do the shit calls and he don’t want to get wet even thought he is making extra money for the call. He shows up because he is first says he needs “help” Lets everyone else do the shit part of the job and then gets paid why they make $25 or less he walks off with twice that or more. But since they are just help and not the one that got the call they get pennies for coming out. They kept her because they think she had a heart attack or was going to have one. They finally let her come home last night told her to follow up with lung doctor and heart doctor.

It’s been a good few months other than totaling my truck.

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