{December 29, 2015}   Not Sure I Want To Know

A while back I posted about how I ended up in the ER, because I was in so much pain and feeling so sick. I still haven’t followed up with any doctors to have farther testing or anything. I haven’t had a way to. Now I am working and trying to get insurance so that I can. At the time I was truly At A Lost For Words. Since I started this job and have been looking for insurance and been thinking about what doctors I need to see and what kind of plan I need to get I’m not sure I even want to follow up with anyone. The more I think about everything I really just feel like I would rather just forget it and go on with life as normal.

I keep thinking if I go in and they find something it is going to be a blur of doctors, test, treatment, not being able to work or do anything. I will have to have someone live with me or live with someone and depend on someone to take care of me. Who is really going to do that? My mother who has a list of problems of her own and trying to take care of my grandma and possibly my grandpa in a few weeks after his heart surgery? There is no one else and god knows I don’t have the money to pay someone. I can’t ask friends they have their own lives and families to deal with. My sister has her kids and family to take care of, don’t drive and has no room to take on me and my kids to take care of as well. There is no way she could handle it either. I don’t know what any of them will do I am the only one that drives other than my mom but she don’t go more than two or three miles from her house. I couldn’t even get to doctors or anything like that.

I know they could find it and treat it or do whatever and everything turn out just fine and not get that bad. I keep thinking about our friend Mike Got A Miracle and how good he done for so long even though they only gave him months or less to live. Or my doula I had with my third baby who just battled breast cancer and finished her last treatments right before Christmas and is cancer free. Who had some problems but not near what she could have had. But all I keep thinking of is my grandpa, aunt and most of all my dad who suffered but not long at all and who went very quickly. I just keep thinking how quick it went how it wasn’t treatable for him. I wonder even if it is treatable for me what if it starts to spread faster once they do the test to even see if it cancer like it did with him. I really do think that them doing the test to see if or what kind of cancer opened it up and let it spread very fast through out his body. I wonder if they had just said it’s cancer because they pretty much knew it was by the size, the other things they found and it being in so many places if he would have maybe lived a while longer and been able to do things as normal for a while maybe just needed meds to help him be able to eat keep from being sick or what.

I keep telling myself if it is a tumor they can take the uterus out no big deal I don’t care I’m done with it anyway. I am not having anymore kids. But then are they still going to want or need to do more treatment and the fact I have to go through that surgery. I am not ready for surgery of any kind for any reason. Not that anyone is but it is one of my few things. I do not want to be put to sleep and cut on and anything removed for any reason. I don’t want to be cut on and anything removed while awake either. Just like when they told me I was going to have to have a c section when I had my second, I told them he could stay in there I wasn’t doing that. Thank god it didn’t end up being that way because they really would have had to knock me out not just give me pain meds. I would have been a mess forever before it ever happen. I just had my mind made up it wasn’t going too and never thought twice about preparing myself for one.

I hadn’t really thought about not finding out when they told me. I was worried about figured I would get it checked when I got around to it or could. Then the other day at work I was talking to the guy that worked with me and some how cancer, my dad and things came up and it hit me. Why am I going to find out? Why do I need to know? Why can’t I just live life as normal until I can’t anymore? Just like I had always said I wouldn’t want to know if I did have something. I guess maybe that is one reason I really hadn’t been to worried about going. I knew I needed to but was just waiting for the time to be right and to have insurance and things in place. Maybe I just wasn’t worried about it or in a rush because I really don’t want to know. I figured I would have to deal with it sometime in life but I surely didn’t think it would be anytime soon. I figured I would be older my kids would be grown. I really wouldn’t want to go for any farther testing then either. To hear it just a few months after every thing that just happen with my dad.

I guess I have a lot to think about and decide. My mom is pushing me I need to get it checked I haven’t told her I didn’t think I was going to yet. I just keep telling her I know I am working on it and trying to get insurance and doctors. I have one doctor I know for sure I am going to go to if I decide to go. I have to find a general doctor to go to and then a few others I need to see if I decide to go. Right now I don’t even want to think about it but it is the only thing I have thought of for days. The next few weeks are going to be hard to get through that is for sure.

{December 27, 2015}   Twenty Seven Thousand Dollars

I hadn’t heard anything at all about the accident I had in September until the last couple weeks. Then I got a notice in the mail saying I needed to pick up a letter and sign for it and I got a call from the lady handling the claim. I tried to call her back but she didn’t leave her last name or all over her extinction so I couldn’t get a hold of her. Finally after calling and waiting on hold three different days I got some one who gave me the information for her. They transferred me over to her but of course she wasn’t in or answering the phone who knows. I called back and left a message telling her when I would be able to answer the phone so she could call me back. But I never heard back from her.

Then last week I got a couple letters in the mail and a big package of information. The letter just said that they know there was an accident this was who would be handling it and that was about it. The big package told me that they had three claims against me from the accident. His insurance company, AT&T, and a guys name. I am not sure if the guys name is the name of the guy who I hit or the guy that was in the car with him. I am thinking probably the guy in the car with him, but really not sure.

It shows that someone ended up going to the er and being checked out, that they gave him a rental car and that cost almost a grand, that his car was totaled ( I already knew that when it happen, he didn’t think so) and that the phone company wants a grand for the box that he ended up landing on. They bought him a new car came to around fifty thousand or more. They are showing something salvage for over eleven thousand, I am thinking that is what they ended up selling the totaled car for. It looks like they took that off and something else because it is showing thirty seven thousand still owed and my insurance is only good for ten thousand.

It says they are going to do all that they can to settle this without anything being left owed on it but they don’t know what is going to happen and there maybe meeting and things that I will need to or should be present at. That if they can not settle then they will be asking what I can contribute toward the amount owed and try to settle with that amount.

I have nothing extra right now I can give them toward it, so I will probably be sued by the other insurance company or this guy for the twenty seven thousand dollars that is left owed on it. All I can do is wait and see what happens and when they decide to go to court. It sucks because I am going to end up missing work in order to go to court. Then who knows what they will say once we get in court. It’s not like I have all this extra money at the end of the week or the month to do anything with. By the time I pay my bills I have just enough to get gas and some food for the next two weeks. I had to borrow a big chunk of money last week to get threw to this week and have nothing left. All I have they can take is my truck and at one time it was worth a little bit but now that I had the accident and put it back together it probably isn’t worth much now. It still needs the hood fixed, it needs to be painted because it wasn’t blended, it has some mechanical things wrong with it I still have to figure out and get fixed as well. If insurance had paid out it would have been totaled as well so that should tell them something. If it is like it is with a lot of things around here when it comes to vehicles, I am not the only one who depends on that vehicle to get around so they can’t take it if it is the only one I have. My kids depend on it to get to doctors, the store and other places they need to go. Even though I am the driver they still have places they have to get to. That being their only way then they do not take it out of the home it would cause a hardship for them. Those two things maybe the only things that save my truck and not leave me walking.

I don’t know what’s going to happen all I know is that I can’t stress over it until whats going to happen, happens. I am just going to do what I have to do tell them what they need to know and show up when and where I am supposed to show up. Once they decide what is going to happen and what I am going to have to do or not have to do then I will worry about it and take care of it from there. I had my license and insurance that is required by the state so I can’t get in trouble for that at least.

{December 16, 2015}   Open Enrollment

Today was the last day of open enrollment to get a January 1, 2016 start date for health insurance, this the last two days at work have been completely crazy. There has been all you want overtime the last two days as well. I was able to make arrangments for the kids to stay with my mom last night and tonight. Last night I had planed to stay as late as they were open I ended up leaving at about 9:20. They said they were only staying until 10 I knew I didn’t have time to finish a call by 10 if I had gotten one. I needed to stop at my moms as well and pick something up as well so I just went ahead and clocked out. Then I hear tonight they ended up staying until 12 last night too. If I had known I would have stayed. Today I stayed until just after midnight everyone was leaving then. Once midnight hits in our time zone it’s closed so we couldn’t do anything else. I worked 16 hours today. I got there at 8 in the morning and worked until 12am. Now I have to be up and back there in less than 6.5 hours to start over again tomorrow and  I am sitting here wide awake and can’t sleep.

I don’t get it there was a good group of us left there tonight at midnight but most do not have to be back there until 10 or after tomorrow but most of them were talking about coming in late or calling out tomorrow. Most had not come in early so they only worked a few hours extra. All I could think was why stay here all night do all those extra hours to turn around and come in late or call off all together tomorrow and lose all that overtime. It just don’t make since to me. It isn’t like it is a little amount of money if they did it both nights I made about half my normal weekly check in overtime in the extra hours I put in the last few days. I am hating it because I have to go in late Friday and will lose some of my hours, but I am trying to put in enough over time the next two nights to make up for it so that I don’t lose my overtime. I got lucky my mom watched the kids for me these two days and then the next two days father of the year is off and will have them so I can work late the next couple nights. She said she would watch them late Friday so that I could stay late and make my time up then but I want to go ahead and do it the next two days just in case something happens and plus if I work the next two nights then stay over Friday and make up my hours it will just add to my overtime I already have and not I still won’t be short. There no way I want to have stayed and worked 16 hours starght to not come out with a nice chunk over overtime pay. I don’t know what these people are thinking. If your not wanting the overtime why stay that late when you know you have to be back there in a few hours and you don’t want to be.

I also finally seem to have found the person who can make something happen and get my pay rate fixed. I don’t know why no one told me to go talk to her and that she was over payroll or able to get things with payroll done before now. I finally got mad and went to my team lead this evening and told her I wanted to know who I needed to talk to, to get my pay straight because I was ready to leave and not come back. I told her the same thing I told the other girl yesterday I should not have to beg to be paid. That every day every hour that I sit there with them not paying me at the right right is another hour another $1 I’m racking up that I may never see so why do I want to sit there and keep letting them rack up all this money they owe me and maybe never get it. At that point they are just using people as long as they can paying what they want not what they promised or are supposed to be paying and as long as they get away with it they will just keep doing it.

I told her I was short and told her I knew that as late as it was in the week and me getting paid Thursday I would be shorted on that one to and when that would be paid to me. Something was said about the next check in two weeks. She said if that would be a problem or something like that. I said yes I just told you my check has been short and it may not be a lot but my money is counted out to the penny to pay bills I am borrowing money and everything else. She said I just needed a yes. I said well I’m a single mom of 4 kids and this is also the last check before Christmas I haven’t even gotten to start my Christmas shopping yet and I have to do it out of this check and pay bills. She said ok she was going to make a note of it and that it may not be there Thursday but it would be there early next week Monday or Tuesday. I said well as long as it is there by then it should be ok. I told her I couldn’t wait two weeks until or next check anyway because then that money would show as income for January not December and that I have a son who gets SSI and that I have to report my wages every month and that they want to know the money that was paid to me not when I I worked and made it. That it don’t look at I was shorted this month and this month and now behind on my bills for those months or had to borrow money and now pay it back with this money. It looks at my bills are paid I got X money for this month there for they cut my check for the following month and puts me in a jam and in a cycle of never being able to get ahead. She said she was sending the note out to whoever and putting everything in it.

My team lead came looking for me talking about your in meeting. We have to put where we are or what we are doing if we stop calls for any reason. I said yes because I had to meet with her to get my pay straight I didn’t think you wanted me to be in training we aren’t training. She says well I just need you to get back on the phone right now there are 2 or 300 calls in que and everyone has to be on the phone and in ready if I don’t have all my team in ready I’m going to be in trouble. I said I don’t care if they have 500 calls in que or who’s in ready or not in ready right now if they don’t want to fix  my pay and pay me for all the work I have already come in here and done for them they can start taking these calls because I will walk right now it’s past my time to go home already I don’t have to be here. If I leave I won’t be coming back. She just walked off and didn’t say anything.

Later I seen the lady I was talking to about pay and she said that it was fixed and that I should have all my money by Friday. My team lead came by and she started asking her why my pay hadn’t been fixed and how come it had taken so long. She was making excuses I don’t know she claims she was sending messages but I am starting to wonder now if she was or not. All I know at this point is my money better be there by Monday. I know she said it was easier to get the checks out right or wrong and then fix it and do a second round of checks after the first ones than to go in the computer and fix them at this point in the game. I know that before when my check was so short and I called in I got my extra on Friday since i have direct deposit and it goes in on Thursday.  I guess I will know tomorrow when I get to work if it has turely been changed I will be able to look in the computer and see at least if it was moved up to the right amount. If not I will be waiting at the main man over the places office when he gets there.

{December 15, 2015}   Speechless

I can say not much in life surprises me and hardly ever am I left speechless, but last Thursday you could have knocked me over with a feather and I was speechless. I took my big boy to his therapy appointment for the first time in weeks since I started working. We had to change dates and times she was fitting us in. Lucky she had a spot come open so we can go every week at the same time and I will miss just a few minutes of work.

Anyway I was rushing to get there I had left work a few minutes late and had to make a stop before I could pick the kids up. We walk in the office and she still had the person before us in there I didn’t think anything of it she runs over sometimes and works good for us if we are running late. The little door between her waiting area and office was open and you see right in the office when you walk in. I just seen the back of a kid standing there went to move mine into the waiting area so I could close the waiting room door. I looked away and turned back around about that time the kid in the office turned around. I wish I had seen the look on my face when he did. It was RC’s son my little bites brother. He came out and walked past me out of the office. I could not see anyone else in the office so I didn’t know if his mom or grandma had brought him. I turned to look in the hall where he went and he was gone. I looked down the stairs and didn’t see him. I looked in the office and said I think one just went down stairs by himself. By that point I still couldn’t see who was in the office from where I was standing at that point. In a second the therapist walked out and went out to see where he went.

When she walked out in the hall I walked out behind her and the little boy walked past us and back in the office not sure where he had been. She still had her back to me. I closed the door when he went in. She turned around I said I need to talk to you a minute she said ok they are done we’ll talk inside. I said no now here. She looked at me really surprised and said oh ok. I said that is little bites brothers in there. She looked at me and kind of said yeah because my two boys where in there too. She was confused. I said no the two little boys who are in your office are her other brothers. Her eyes got big and she said oh, oh my. I said I don’t know if mom or grandma is with them and I don’t know what either may or may not say I have not seen them in years and I know he told them a lot of things that were not true and the last time I seen the mom was at mine and his house when I called the police on his mom and she was with her. She said ok and we went back inside. I told her I’m not going to start anything or say anything out of the way. Just don’t know how the reaction will be from them or where this may go. The boys came out and stood there waiting on their mom I said hi how are you how you been they just said good and didn’t say much. I could tell they didn’t know who I was or wasn’t sure. Their mom walked out kind of looked past me stood close enough to me we were almost touching and talk to the therapist said see you nest time bye.

The boys were little it has been 3 years since we seen each other so not to surprised that they didn’t know who I was or wasn’t sure if they thought they knew me. I was shocked my big boy didn’t know who they were but they didn’t say anything about him and he was sitting on the floor playing with something and I think he had his back to them and looking down. If he had looked up he may have known who they were and probably would have said something. My little guy was two the day that RC left and then he came back a few days later and we moved out so he don’t remember them. They don’t remember him he’s a little boy not a baby like he was and he has his hair really short now. It was long then.

I don’t think she really looked at who was there just that there was people there. I was even more speechless and surprised. They left the therapist was like oh lord I am going to have to move people around and change times around. I said look don’t do it because of me I know it is hard for everyone to get here the days and times they do, I’m not going to start anything or cause a problem, if we run into each other and it comes up then we can take it from there. She said ok. I said I don’t think she is going to start anything either because we have never spoke even two words to each other the whole time me and him were together. I pull up with her kids in my truck drop them off or pull up and pick them up she stand right outside my door and never say who are you, nothing. You would think any mother would want to at least be induced to the women her kids were living with and who was taking care of them why your in and out of jail and spending your time getting high all the time but not her.

Like I told her I would like the kids to get to know each other and have a relationship and I had been wanting to contact her but hadn’t. I had been trying to figure out how to approach that subject with her. I said maybe if we do run into each other coming or going and she says something then we can talk about it.

If I wanted to start something or just be a bitch I could have said hey CP hey CM remember me? Remember when we all lived together in X with your dad? Remember he told you all a few time we had something to tell you then said no wait? Well he wanted to tell you that we were going to have a baby. See her that’s your sister. But I’m not going to be a bitch like that. It isn’t right to the kids to just throw that out there and tell them that when I have no clue what their mom is going to say or if she is going to let them have anything to do with her. It isn’t fair to them to know they have a sister right there they can’t see or talk to. If it ever is brought up like I said before I would want to talk to her about it without the kids involved then after we decide what we decide or talk get the kids together. If we decided not to then I wouldn’t say anything to them. It isn’t my place to tell them it is their fathers and if he don’t then it is their moms. As for my little bite when she is older she will know she has three other brothers and a sister out there. When she is old enough then she can decide if she wants to look them up and try to have a relationship with them. If it don’t happen before then.

This is a therapist that my son has been seeing since he was little bites age or younger off and on over the years for the past 8 years. Even when we were up there. If someone said hey by the way one day you are going to go to her office and the kids and their mom is going to be there just a heads up, I would have never believed it and told you, you were crazy. Never in a life time did I ever expect to see them there. Anywhere else maybe but there never. Even the therapist said what are the odds? It’s not like I am this big office somewhere. I am a little independent office all the way over here and they are all the way up there miles away. There are so many others between here and there and closer to them for them to end all the way down here.

This should be interesting to see how this all plays out over the next month or two. She said later that, they weren’t there on their normal time so we probably won’t be there the same days like that unless one of us have to change our times for some reason. But her people change around and move so much we all end up running into each other here and there coming and going. I’m not worried about it just got to be better prepared in case we do and something is said.


{December 6, 2015}   Principle Of The Matter


I have pretty much been saying this all week and then last night we got chines food and this was in my fortune cookie. I told father of the year my cookie said to quit my job. I like my job but it is the most unorganized, poorly ran, train wreck of a mess I have ever seen or worked in. The first week and then ten day straight went pretty smooth. The last couple not the case, the reason for the ten day straight was so we could be on the phones the Thursday before thanksgiving. I ended up not being there Thursday or Friday because I wasn’t appointed. Then the week of Thanksgiving I went to work and sat all day everyday to do nothing. I got my Check the 20 th and it was short almost $300. I called up the guy over the floor who is now my new boss to talk to him about it. Of course I didn’t get him I got his voice-mail. I left him a message and told him who I was and that my check was short, that money was my daycare money and that if I didn’t pay my daycare I couldn’t come to work the next week. Friday my money was in the bank. They had not moved my pay up to what it should have been until the day before my check went in the bank and the last day I should have been making that amount of pay. They still have not moved me up to what I should be making and now we have gotten another check and it is short as well because of it.

Then they come off with they aren’t paying us the $13 until we are on the phone, so the week that I sat there waiting to get on the phone they are paying me a $1 less an hour. All the while I know that others around me was moved up to the $13 and got paid for the same time while waiting to get on the phone as well. They are saying we were still in “training”. I was not in no way shape or form in training still. The only reason I was not on the phone was because blue cross didn’t have their stuff together and get my log in fixed. If they had sent my information so I could log in I could have been on the phone. They never got me on the phone until this past Monday or Tuesday.

The first call I had I spent three hours on the phone with this women trying to find her a decent plan at a decent price to cover her family here and her daughter in California. She got a credit to help pay for it but all we found were crap plans. I wasn’t sure when it was showing the monthly premium if it took her credit off or not and the site went down why I was doing it, so I asked my TL if it had been taken off or if I needed to take it off. She told me it hadn’t been taken off so I needed to take it off. I took it off and it brought her plan down to $200 really not a plan that was worth it but it was better than almost $1000.

I go threw the rest of the application and just as I was getting ready to sign it and put everything threw it pops up and says your plan is X a month your credit is Y a month and your monthly payment is Z. Well Z was the almost $1000 a month amount. It had already taken off the credit. So now I have this women that needs this for her family and can’t afford it and can’t go with a lower plan and have all her family covered. I put her on hold and asked my TL what I was supposed to do now? She walks off and says nothing. In a minute she comes back and is standing at the desk of the person in front of me with her back to me. I asked her again what am I supposed to tell this women now that you gave me the wrong information to give her?

She tells me to call the marketplace and let them take care of it. I told her she wanted off the phone so she could go get her other kids, she didn’t have time to hang on the phone and wait for them to pick up and then go back threw this all again. She says well tell her you will call her back and I will call her.

Well it’s been a week or more and no one has called her back. I figured she would shop around and hopefully find something that works better for her family. It’s just the point of the matter and I know that if or when she called her back she is going to say well the person you talked to you were her first phone call and she messed up. Even though I asked her and she told me wrong.

This TL is more worried about what two people on her team are doing and getting to write them up than to do her job. Half the time you can’t find her and when you do ask her something she walks off. I asked her how to fix my computer the other day because I got locked out for the second time in a few hours. She said she was going to take care of it she be right back, walked about three desk down and told someone else to take over for her she was going on lunch. I was on the phone with a question she was no where around another boss or TL came over to help. He looks goes hmm yeah I have never come across that I really don’t know. Stands there looks at it some more and says hold on I will get someone to help you I’ll be right back and darts off. He goes to the other end of the building/room to where a bunch of people were standing around with the head guy over everything there, stands around and chats. Never came back never sent anyone to help me.

Last week in two days we had 4 people quit just from my team. They chased them down and begged them to come back. It is to late to hire more people train them get their state test and everything they need. By the time they had it this would be over. This guy from our team comes up to our tl and ask her who the main guy over everything was and what he looked like where his office was. She stopped dead and I can’t even describe the look on her face and she asked him why. He told her he needed to talk to him about paperwork. She looked so re-leafed and showed him where he was and where his office was.

I couldn’t help it I busted up laughing, looked at her and said your face oh my god it was priceless. She didn’t look happy at all and said well I have gotten a lot of complaints from you guys lately to him. I said oh well I don’t know anything about that I haven’t said more than hi and bye to him in passing. I thought good I’m glad at least I am not the only one who feels she isn’t doing her job. I already knew I wasn’t everyone talks about it all the time when we are sitting there unable to do our jobs or don’t have the right info because she gives us the wrong information.

My check was short again this Thursday when I got it and my little one was sick and needed to go to the doctor. I was going to go in and work most the day and take off a couple hours early and take her. I had worked a little overtime the days before to cover it. I seen that I was already mad and didn’t feel good myself I stayed home and called the leave line. I went in Friday and put my stuff at my desk and she was at the desk over from me helping one of the guys with something. I turned around and asked her when so and so was going to be in, she said this one or that one there a few people with the same first name. I said no this one. Guess what she froze and that look came across her face again. She stuttered and ask why or what was wrong. I told her my check was shorted I turned in a time card slip to correct things on it a week or more ago to her and it had never been done, I still wasn’t at the pay I should be getting and that I didn’t know if I was staying or not today or coming back at all. I felt bad but she dropped everything she was doing and said I will go talk to some other lady, I guess is over payroll. But I already seen the way she stood on the floor in front off everyone there and talk to one of the guys when he tried to ask her a question about his pay. If she talked to me like that I’m not sure what I would have said or done but I know I would have went from hot to boiling in a second and it would have gotten ugly. That’s why I figured I should just go talk to the other guy and he was the one I talk to last time and he fixed it for me. She came back and told me no I wouldn’t get paid x because I wasn’t on the phone until this week and blah blah. I told her no I was told I would get this much that was what I expected and that if they really wanted to start I had and email that said I should have made a $1 more the first day I walked in the place. But I knew what they had told me so I figured it was a mistake and didn’t say anything. But that I know they also told me I would be making this now and the week before as well and now they are trying to reign on that and that I wasn’t going to be done that way. I said yeah it might only be $40 extra for the week or whatever but it is the, she said the principle of the matter. I said that is right and if this is how they are going to do over that then what else are they going to do later on or try? I am not going to be done this way and if I put a stop to it now and they see I’m not going to sit back and take it then maybe they won’t try anything else later they will know it isn’t going to fly. She said I understand she is working on it I am waiting to hear back. She had made it a point to tell me she was going to be in a meeting all day from 10 to 7 and someone else would be taking over for her Then it came out later she had training all day to be in.

This girl that took over is ok she is there to help and answer your questions all the way but she is a bitch. We have to keep track of how many calls we get how many were chance to sell and how many sales we get each hour. Well Friday I got a ton of calls that I should have never had, they should have been sent to customer service. I got one that wanted information and wants me to call her back Monday, she has to talk to her husband. Then I had one I was in the middle of doing a sale had a question so I put her on hold and put my hand up, she was no where to be found. This other girl I have no idea where she was from came and helped me. I go back to the phone my customer was gone. The phones went down off and on all day so I don’t know if that is why she was gone or if she hung up. She said when she called we could not call her back so I am not allowed to call her back. It was past my break time I logged off got up to go on my break. Here comes the other girl oh you got that sale. I said no lost the call some how not sure if she hung up or what. What how why are you not on the phone calling her right back right now, you need to sit back down get on the phone now and get her on there and finish that sale. I said because she opted out of us calling her back so I can’t by law call her back. She started about numbers and mumbled something to me about the calls I had today. I was lived, I walked out and went to my truck. I was ready to leave and not go back. I sat there for a while and then went and ate a few bites of my lunch before I had to go back on the phone. I don’t want to leave yet because We have a $350 bounce coming and I was told the other day they were being processed and when I asked the head boss over the floor about them a few weeks ago he said that he thought they were being put threw and people were getting them because he hadn’t heard any complaints about them. Why I went back in. Everyone keeps saying keep it just stick it out and do it until you find something else or it ends at least it is a job. Yes it is a job and I need a job, but I am not going to be shorted money and I am not going to be talked to and treated the way they have been talking to us and treating us. I come to work the hours and days they tell me to come to work, I take the breaks they want us to take, I wear the clothes they want me to wear and I do my job the best I can do considering the training I have had. everyone around me says that when we have no problems with the computer and I have calls who aren’t just customer service calls I do my job good. The one lady sat with me all day Friday to learn how to do this she started with me. She could sit with anyone there. I do all they ask me all I expect in return is to be paid on pay day the amount I am supposed to be getting paid, not shorted not paid at a lower rate and not told we will get it to you as soon as we can but don’t worry we will pay you. I account for every penny of my check and every bill I have. 9 times out of 10 my check is paid out to bills before it ever hits my bank, I can’t wait until next check or a month down the road.

I talk to my tl when she came threw on break right before I left she said she hadn’t heard anything back yet she was waiting to talk to her again but she been in this meeting. I kind of figured that I would have my money in the bank today but nothing came threw. So Monday I am going to go in and tell her look I gave you all day Friday to fix this here we are Monday I still don’t have my money now I am talking to the boss about it and I’m going to let him know that I am leaving and going to find another job. I am going to tell her I plan to tell him how poorly the support is when you get on the phone, how these people speak to us and act and that yeah it’s a job but I am a person just like everyone else and I expect to be treated with respect just like I give everyone else there. When we were going over my time card on the computer she started about well I couldn’t do this and that you weren’t put under me until the day after time went in and it was to late. I said well I worked and I am owed money if you couldn’t do it then you should have made sure that whoever could done it or let someone know or me know so I could get it fixed. The fact of the manner is I am owed money and I expect to get it or I am going to go home.

I guess we will see Monday if I still have a job or not. A few of the people who quit did come back by the end of the week but if I leave I am not coming back. Like me and one of the guys were talking about and he said the same as I did if he quits he isn’t coming back in a few days or whatever. It’s the point in the matter and as long as people keep letting the treat them this way and do them this way they will keep doing it. If others stand up and say no we aren’t putting up with it they would have to change.

My boss done told one of the ladies on my team who quit that this was the worse opening of a new center he had ever seen and this was horrible. He dose this all the time all over the country and had for many years. Like I told her it’s what they have to work with in this area and then they bring in more just like them. It is all who you know not what you know. Me and the girl sitting with me both have manager experience her way more than me with a much larger company than me. But we get hired and put on the phones when they know this, while they bring these people who have never managed anything and have no clue what they are doing and give them the job. A big reason they have so many problems.

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