I have only worked Saturday once at my job and that was in training when we were doing overtime. I missed Wednesday and went in today to make up five ours since I had already made up two an half between Thursday and Friday. I am glad I did because I got to talk with my team lead.

When I came back Thursday the others on my team said that a lot of the other teams went in the other room and had a meeting with the higher ups about the new campaigns that are coming. They said we didn’t get to go they ran out of time or something and that they were told we wouldn’t have ours that day because our team lead was off for the day.

They came around about three and told us to go into meeting and go into one of the training rooms. No sooner than we got in there they told us to forget it and go back out, it was already packed with people from a few other teams. We figured at that point we really wouldn’t know anything until Friday. Then at 4:30 my normal time to get off and told us to go back in there. I was staying late anyway so it wasn’t a big deal. But some missed it because they were already gone or had left early.

The main guy over the floor came in and some other people and he talk to us. He told us right away there are no jobs open at the other call center so if anyone was looking for something there and wanting to move because it was would work better for them they couldn’t. He then told us they have three campaigns coming in the next month or so. They gave us all a paper to rank what we wanted to be on so they could go threw them all and decide who got what.

The first one coming in is for medicare prescription drug plans for the elderly. I really don’t want to do that one. I didn’t like looking up prescriptions on this one and I only had to do it a few times. I don’t feel it is done so that we can do our job the best and be sure that they are covered or not. I also don’t want to hear these elderly people telling me they are doing without food to pay for their meds or the other way around. It’s just not something I want to do all day every day for hours a day.

The other is bookings we all knew it was coming but not sure what all we would be doing. We really aren’t sure still. They say we are just taking customers complaints and things like that. If they get to their room and it is dirty or not what they were told it was going to be. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t be calling the desk of the hotel they are staying in to take care of that instead of going threw a third person at that point they are right there. I don’t want to deal with people complaining all day over petty stuff.

The third is a place called Brookville. They deal with living homes, skilled nursing and hospice and helping families find somewhere to place their loved ones. He was telling everyone it is a small contract right now and they only need about thirty people. He said it isn’t a push the issue kind of things we just answer questions, listen to the people run their income and see if they can even get in because it is income based. He said you have to be compassionate and things with them and talking about how upset people are going to be and things. He said it was gong to be a hard one to work on probably because of the situations you have to deal with. He said it didn’t involve pushing the people to make the appoinment to come in, or calling them back and asking if they found a place and if they would like to go ahead and come take a look around and things. Once we tell them everything answer all their questions and they decide if they are or are not going to do it and hang up it is done. If we have a day where not that many people do come in or what it wasn’t a big deal the company just wants us to do right by the customer and be there for them to help them.

I put that I wanted to do Brookdale as my first pick and bookings as my second and then the medicare things. I will take any of them and do them but I really prefer to do Brookdale and really don’t want to do medicare so if I don’t get my first pick then I don’t mind doing bookings.

But today I was talking to my team lead and she was talking about being a lead and things. I said that I applied for managment or lead when I first applied but I didn’t get it. She said so why don’t you now. I said I don’t think I want to be a lead now. She just said that she was stepping down and going back on the floor, my trainer who is a lead said he wished he wasn’t a lead and was back on the phone when we were in training. My lead just got done telling me that the lead on the team right next to us stepped down and went back to the phone. I have been there and see how they treat them and do them. It is crazy. Plus the no one ever has the same answer and even the leads never get the same answer or treated the same when there is a problem or they need something. I said all you are going back on the phones and taking a five dollar an hour pay cut that tells me it is probably worse than what I even see and already think and feel about it.

She told me they are going to need more people in quality assurance as well. She said bookings alone wants them to have one team lead to every fifteen people and they didn’t have enough to do that, they were going to have to get a few more. That would still leave the other two campaigns with no team leads and that if it was like bookings they would each need two to four team leads their-self. She said they will probably want the same for quality assurance as well because they will want the same ratio for them as leads. She said she thought about it but decided not to. She was talking about how you have to do so many calls a week and that if the calls were hours long you had to listen to all of it not just so much and go to the next. I really do not see that as being a big deal. We are not listening to them why they are on the phone we are pulling the recordings and listening to them. I am sure it shows how long each call is and there is a way to stack your calls so that you can meet your numbers and still listen to them all. I am sure that if it is to long and way longer than the norm then there will be a way we comp for that or we just skip that one. We have to do reports or what for each person but we don’t need to listen to a three or four hour call to do that. Everything is graded on a percentage from so many calls. So we can listen to a bunch of shorter calls and do our report just as easy as we can listen to a call that is hours long because the report is still based on x number of calls as long as they do what they are supposed to for each one.

Either way I still don’t think it would be that hard of a job and I would like to give it a try and see how it works out. I told my team lead that when we were talking about it. She said really? I said yes I want that and if I can’t do that I want Brookdale. She said ok she said I think you would do really good on either one of them and I am going to to recommend you for the promotion but if not I am going to recommend you for the other if they don’t want to give you the other position.

I can’t wait we are supposed to find out by the end of next week what campaign we are going to be on. I didn’t think to ask her when they would tell us if we get one of the other positions. I assume that probably around the same time. Because they aren’t going to want to put us on a campaign and then take us off to promote us. One of the first things he said in the meeting is that he knows some only come a few months out of the year to work on what we are now and then leave until next year. That some know they do not want to be moved to one of the other jobs and things and to please let him know because he would rather them tell him upfront that they are going to be leaving or just here to finish what we are working on and then leaving so that he can give someone else the job. They are only keeping 90% of us so he wants to keep the ones who want to stay and not give them to people who know they are going to be leaving and not know until he has gotten rid of people. And some have already come forward and said they are only here until this is over and then moving on so to let someone else keep their job. I figure that they counted the team leads they are going to need and their qa people they are going to need in that 90% to keep as many people as possible on. Then there are the ones who never come in and come in late or just two or three days a week for a couple hours who will not be kept.

They also told us with the positions that are coming up once we move from what we are on and work on the new one for thirty days we will become permanent employees with full benefits. Most people say it took them close to a year or more to become permanent and get benefits. That is a big plus as well.

I think it is a mess and could be ran much better but I also know it could be a lot worse and I could be doing a lot worse and making a lot less. Hurrying up and waiting again but happy to know that I have a little more of a chance at what I want since she is going to recommend me. I’m glad for once I have a job where I have a boss who see’s that I work and do what I am supposed to and willing to go that extra little bit to try and help me get promoted if that is what I want and if not to at least get into a spot I want to be in and that even she feels I would be good at. Just pray the higher ups listen and give me a chance at, at least one of them.


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