I wrote this yesterday during my 12 hour shift since I had nothing else to do. I wrote it in my online word program because we are blocked from doing a lot of things online from our computers. I was starting to hurt a lot and wanted to eat before I laid down last night and forgot to come on and publish it. So I figured I should now. I am hurting and need to do some things so I may be back later or tomorrow.

I get to work today and my boss wasn’t here. I talk to one of the other ladies I work with and she said that one of the guys quite/got fired he caused a scene Thursday. She said they never told anyone this week what job they are going to be working on if they have jobs. They came in the other day and moved about 20 people who sit at the rows in front of us and told them to go find seats other places they needed their computers to set up for something else. They are now saying that there is a problem with the bookings campaign and they haven’t even signed the contracts. The medcare one they have not given the trainer anything to use to train his people and they are supposed to be training him. He iss putting everything together his self. They said something is going on and they are not telling anyone anything not even the leads. They are as much in the dark about everything as we are. They don’t know what jobs any of them have or if they are going to either. I said I know what my lead told me about jobs from the start, she stopped me and said yeah but now they don’t even know if they are going to do things like they told them or if they are going to do something different. I said yeah that is what I was going to say too the way they are doing everything now who knows if that still stands.

My boss finally came in at 1 this afternoon. She wasn’t all that interested in talking to me. I had to wait until she was done talking and things and go over and talk to her before I went to lunch. I said well I told you I wasn’t sick I have to go get this taken care of she was shocked. I told her that I needed to come in tomorrow and that I needed to trade Monday for next Saturday. She said I had to talk to the other lead about that. She turned around and ask him he said there was no more trading days. She said that they are telling everyone they have strict schedule adherence this week and no trading. She also had a copy of mine printed and had me sign it so I knew what it was. She said I know you know what it is but we have to have you sign anyway. I told her I was probably going to have to call in or be late/leave early I wasn’t sure yet. That my grandfather has to have this heart cath and maybe open heart done on Monday. She just said ok. I said so no one has said anything about jobs still she said no but they are supposed to be here Monday-Wednesday next week taking care of it all. I said they told us three weeks ago it would be that week then this week now next. She said I know something has happened.

I have a feeling they are going to come in Friday and tell everyone there is no work not to come back Monday. It really sucks but if they only had these three lined up and the biggest fell through they only need about 30 people for the other. That is going to put them at keeping very few and getting read of most. The one girl also told me this morning they came around with a note pad and wanted everyone to put their name and number on it. She asked why they said so that if they miss the lead can get ahold of them. She said well I always call the line and text her so I don’t need to do that she has my number. They said well we still need you to do it. She said it don’t make any since anyway your not asking for our 3 number they would need that too. Said they just said we just need your name and phone number for the list. She said it seemed like a list of names and numbers to have to call people back in to work later is what she got the impression it was because our leads have our names and numbers. The office has our name and numbers as well. But what they are not going to have a list of most likely are the people who are still here now those who got fired and those who left through out this. This way they have a list of who is here and now and that they would consider letting come back or bring back.

I really hope and pray that isn’t what is about to happen and that if it isn’t and they do it like they said they were to start with I am not one that is on the list to lose my job after missing the last few weeks.

She said before not to worry about it but then today she didn’t have much to say at all. Like the other girl also said today the leads are supposed to pretty much have the final say who stays and goes on their team but that is if they are still with their team at the end. If they come in and move them between now and when they decide what all is going on we are kind of out of luck. But this Saturday is it and there are only a handful of people who work Saturday so this Friday is it. Good, bad or other wise we all should have some kind of answers and idea of if we have a job if there is a break in between this one and it and how long.

I am stressed I need this job, it isn’t the greatest but the hours, days, and things all work really good for me. Plus it is more money than I am going to make anywhere else. I am already going to be making $120 a week less than what I started out as staying here but I can still manage. If I go somewhere else and am lucky enough to get 40 hours a week I will be making $198 less a week and that isn’t going to work because I won’t make hardly anything. I will have to find something from home I can do to because most everything I find isn’t even 40 hours a week. Most are 15 to 20 if you are lucky and then they want you there 5 days a week to get 20 hours. I could do two 10 hour days get it done but they don’t want that.

I am sitting here at work now I have been here since 8:46 this morning and still have an hour to go. At least with this new pain med I am able to come to work take it and still be able to work. It did make me really tired about two hours after I had taken it but I went walked around for a little bit and got a drink and was ok after that. If I take it then by the time I start to get tired I should have a break coming up and be able to move around for a little bit and be ok. I have very few of them they gave me way less of these than they did of the others so I hope they get me in to get this taken care of very soon as I can’t go back to being in pain. I just wish we could wake up and tomorrow would be Tuesday and we would all know something. I have never missed so much work anywhere in all the time I worked somewhere as I have the last few weeks. It is such a crazy and freak thing that has happened. I just want to know and tired of them putting us off all the time.


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