{February 1, 2016}   Sexting Your Turtle

My 10 year old has been asking for one of them little water turtles for a couple years now. My rule is you can’t have animals in cages unless you can take care of them. To show me he is ready to be responsible for a turtle he has to show me he can keep his room clean and his chores done. Without being hounded or his room looking like three hurricanes and a train went through it before I make him clean it. I feel that if he can’t keep his environment clean he is not going to be responsible enough to keep an animals cage clean. I am not going to end up having to clean it and taking care of it. I have more than enough to take care of without added pets. They are lucky because when I was growing up the answer was just no and don’t ask again even when I was more than old enough to take care of it on my own. I don’t want to be that way with them but feel that I shouldn’t have to be the one taking care of cleaning it, feeding it and everything. I wanted kids I have to feed them, clothe them, and take care of them no one is going to do it for me. To me a pet is the same kind of thing. I am not asking them to pay for it or buy the food for it or nothing like that, just take care of it. Not just toss it some food and clean the cage when it becomes so dirty it has to be done but take care of it properly.

The other week at the pet store he found a book about taking care of your turtle and ask if he could buy it since he had money. I told him yes, I figure why he works on doing what he needs to do to be able to get one he can learn what all they need and how to take care of them. I didn’t notice until today he got one about land turtles. He was talking to me about them today and showing me his book. I said oh it is about land turtles not water ones. He said oh man now I have to decide what kind I want. He said I want a boy. I said just one, why? He said well if I get two I want two boys. Then I asked why two boys? Why not two girls? Or a boy and a girl? I figured he say so they didn’t have babies or something like that. He said because I have names picked out already.

I had no clue how to tell male from female, I just wanted to see what he would say so I asked him how do you tell a male from a female?

He said oh that’s easy my book tells you hold on. Runs to get his book comes back and starts reading to me…..

After a long courtship the female lays down on the ground and the male mounts her from behind. See so the one on top is the boy he says. told you it is easy to tell. Walks away like no big deal not a second thought about it.

Not what I was expecting at all. I am glad he walked away because I ran to the bedroom and laughed until I cried. There was so much more I wanted to ask but I wasn’t opening that can of worms right now with him.

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