{February 10, 2016}   For All The World To See

It really shouldn’t but it really dose amaze me the things that people put on facebook for all the world to see. I don’t mean people who are friends of mine on there. I mean people who have their stuff set to public and then tell all. Today I made my 10 year old an account so he could link his game up to it and get stuff for a game he likes to play. I had made him one years ago but lost the information for it because it was never used. It was set up to use for games for friends of ours way back when. I made his account and went in to set everything on private and put it on lock down so just anyone couldn’t send him messages, friend request or see what he post. He is only allowed to have me his sister and grandma on his account, oh and father of the year I guess.

Well it pops up real big across the top of the page as soon as you log in people you may know. One of the first ones is RC. I was surprised because one my son has no friends so it isn’t saying it because they have friends in common or anything. Not sure how they decide he may know him really. He has a beard now, guess he started growing it end of July and don’t plan to shave until this summer. He had a couple pictures on there from October. He was out hunting he gotten a turkey. Guess he couldn’t get a job as a mechanic so he has started doing construction. He probably couldn’t get a job doing what he was doing because he either pawned and lost all his tolls or let them get re-poed when he left here with them and never paid for them or the box he got. I know the guy had found him and was sending someone after it. He didn’t just have a few tools he had thousands in tools. He had already paid off thousands and had thousands more he was paying on plus got this big new box right after me and him split up. But he needed them he worked on all kinds of cars and did anything and everything they needed done from motor work to body work to rebuilding, restoring.

Then I clicked on his girl friends page and was looking around. She is talking about her kids calling someone uncle and how they treated the kids and things. RC’s aunt ask if it is his brother? Well I guess he is staying with him and her and they are having problems with him. He is grown but from what he told me when we were together and what his sister said and what I have seen he has pretty much lived with his grandma and grandpa all his life and done nothing and they have taken care of him. Not sure how he ended up with them. But they are going back and forth talking on this post and she says something about someone using coke and then says they wanted her to use with them. Then she says you know when N ran away a about three weeks ago I swear if I could just have her back I would never do that stuff again. This is all out in the open where anyone and everyone to see in the free world rather they are on her friends list have face book or not. Just talk about it like it is nothing at all, like she talking about not eating cake again or something. Talking about how RC’s grandma didn’t like her and she hadn’t liked her from the start way back when they first meet and she found out she was pregnant with their daughter and things.

But I already knew that because RC told me about it when we were together. She is 5 years older than him he wasn’t even 18 when they met and got together. Him and his grandma got in a big fight he said and done some stupid shit and ended up leaving and moving in with her. Then he told me that he been living there for two or three weeks when she came home with two kids and he found out they were hers. She never told him she had kids or anything. they were older she had them when she was like 14 and 15. He was just about to turn 18 when they got together and they were together for a little while then split up and her dad and uncle came after him a few times and she wouldn’t tell him anything about the baby or anything. She told him it was another guy she was seeing and things. Shortly after they split he came down here with his mom. He never seen the baby or anything and then got hit with court papers and took a test and he been paying on her every since. We were talking about it and he was telling me he wondered about her and things felt bad about not being there or being a part of her life and things. That is when I told him to try to find her see if he could talk to her maybe go see her sometime. He didn’t right away but later when we were talking about it one evening he decided to months later. I thought I wonder why she wouldn’t like you, you sit here admit that you use coke your own mother has tried to take the kids from you and has in the past and talks about all that goes on in your house. I know his grandparents are not like that and don’t like it around or want any part of anyone who is into anything. Their daughter was that way still is and they raised RC and his brothers and sisters over it. I am sure they are not happy that their son ended up with someone like that and on pills himself. That is if they know about his problem. He may have it hiden from them like he has everyone else around here. Just like I told him when I seen her and he told me what her old man was like she was on something and it wasn’t just weed. You could tell by looking at her and the fact her old man was bad into the drugs and put her in icu and almost killed her and she still stayed with him. You don’t stay with someone like that who treats you that way and who scares your kids if you are not into something yourself and you don’t look like that because of what he did to you. But he is seeing and she just put it out there for everyone to see. I am going to screen shot it and file it along with other things that have been said by her, her mother and even her own daughters. This way if he ever does decide to come back and try to do anything I can say wait a minute you think I am going to let my child go around this women and these people when this is the kind of things that go on in their house out of their own mouths.


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